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  1. Who even says I smoke? Wish I could but my company doesn’t like that very much. Paying my bills are more important.
  2. Better than wagging something else lol
  3. Well that depends.. sometimes .423765097 and other times 458,98,876.654354 .
  4. Guess no one liked the comments on here
  5. Then their wrongly accused. Everybody wants a smack in the hand and let to do whatever. I say bring back town hanging and stoning for the rightfully accused for bad crimes and I will see crime rate go down. It’s said when kids can’t eat at schools but criminals have everything handed to them. There is no human way to treat criminals they don’t care about humans
  6. Yes because clearly the person has done a crime in order to be handcuffed and lead away by the police. Maybe more people need to be embarrassed this way to learn a lesson..
  7. For some reason I find it hilarious when I add any bad word to the censored part. Try it. Possibly might make u laugh it did me
  8. Would have been worse if it where attached to a police car or having the horses running. Seems like the only thing wrong here is the rope.. if he wasn’t attached to a rope and lead by another officer then there wouldn’t be a problem..
  9. Can’t wait to see his response. He’s probably so red and angry hahahaha
  10. Throw him off the balcony on the top floor or out of an airplane without a parachute. How terrible and then u got the two bickering about being funny. Just stop and act ur real age. I’m sure this five year old acts older than u two.
  11. “The police officers we were speaking to last night felt pretty confident, with 99 percent certainty, that someoneshot into the air and it was just the horrible misfortune that it landed where it did,” IronPigs General Manager Kurt Landes told the Morning Call.—— I’m very confused on this. I don’t see someone shooting in the air and it come down and hit this kid behind the knee. Physics says no..
  12. He’s already locked up how much more locked up can he be??
  13. So rather than give him the help he needs just lock him up and forget about him. So next time u need help lock yourself in a closet and stay there for an hour and see how u feel. Doesn’t make sense. Get him evaluated and if he is mentally stable then lock his ass up for being stupid. But clearly there is more to this especially since he is in there for only 90 days.
  14. I’m not sure how we all benefit from this. Maybe the conditions he was in got to him and he felt he had to get away from it. So please explain how I’m benefiting from this...
  15. Charges Pending Against Clearfield Inmate Who Attempted to Escape from County Jail, Police say CLEARFIELD – Charges are currently pending against a 42-year-old Clearfield inmate who attempted to escape from the county jail Monday night, Lawrence Township police say. The call came in for the “psychological disturbance/attempted escape” at 9:10 p.m., according to a news release issued by the department. The inmate allegedly hid inside the jail, took a corrections officer hostage and attempted to force other COs to open exterior doors for him to escape. The first CO was let go after the inmate was granted access to the garage area; when he was unable to get out, he reportedly attempted to break the exterior door and smashed its window. After having broken his arm, the inmate attempted to climb into air vents and into the garage’s ceiling to escape but was unable to. At this point, the inmate attempted to harm himself, police say. Upon arrival, the inmate refused officer commands and was incapacitated with an electronic stun device. He was subsequently taken into custody and to Penn Highlands Clearfield for treatment. Lawrence Township police officers were assisted by the Clearfield Borough police.
  16. I would think getting kicked anywhere by a horse would hurt.
  17. Now why would u want to ruin someone’s life that might get out of prison?? Sorry I had to say it lol but yes I totally agree.
  18. We eat ragu all the time. Just had some two days ago. Maybe I ingested plastic. Oh no. I’m scared. I think I’m gonna get plastic fibrosis now. It’s all trumps fault and people that think hotdog sandwiches are not sandwiches haha. I better go to areas 51 and protest this plastic. But I think I’ll be fine as long as I don’t crap out a plastic bottle..
  19. Mead is very good. But had a burn going down haha. Just had honey mead with strawberry about a week ago. Didn’t buy it had it given to me.
  20. So sad. But I say an eye for an eye. My condolences to this young ladies family. I hope the police are able to get the proof they need to lock up whoever the person is. Maybe one of the cops will accidentally pull the trigger when the guy is at gun point. One can only hope.
  21. Indeed it is and it is very sad. But better then the other way I thought this girl would have gone. Just sad all around
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