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  1. If that were a picture in the "Where is it/What is it" contest would you have to ban yourself?
  2. It happens once a week for two months and you get so angry that you post a strongly worded note pleading with her to stop? Paintball guns are not that expensive, and would make her much easier for the police to spot afterwards
  3. Now it's just a test of wills. Who will blink first?
  4. I can't take all the credit. I had the wrench and the bow, but I am a personal friend of the Princess of Alderaan. She made the outfit
  5. Go to bed mr.d, you're drunk
  6. That's my brother's avatar
  7. So now you are straight shaming me? I never said I hated butterflies, I said I found them offensive, just like the cocoons. Is your suggestion of the "transformation" a veiled accusation of some kind of gender fluidity just because of my avatar? That you even have the gall to bring up the fairies again show just how callous and insensitive you really are. If you haven't heard of ridged Cottonelle, then it's no surprise that you are content to smear
  8. In all fairness, I don't think he ever got to the cleaning part. Sounds like he grabbed the snake and it grabbed back
  9. The AZ equivalent of "Hey y'all, watchiss"
  10. I take the implication that my manly heavy equipment avatar in some way represents effiminate butterfly tendencies as blatant sexism, and I demand a retraction. Cottonelle with ridges addressed the racism of the soft sheets
  11. Oh yeah, this is all over the news here. It hit as soon as they started giving the scores Friday night. I completely understand being a dumb boy who thinks inappropriate things are funny, but that was a bit much
  12. Toys R Us May Soon File For Bankruptcy

    I never was big into He-Man and GI Joe, but Transformers were awesome! I wanted an Optimus Prime so bad, but I would have taken any Transformer. My mom brought me a surprise one day, I was so excited, and when she pulled it out from behind her back it was a Go-Bot All of the kids today crying about bullying think they invented the problem. You want to know what bullying is? Show up to elementary school with a Go-Bot and try to look cool in front of the kids with the real Transformers I think this is when my problems with sandwich construction and mimes began