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  1. In an effort to assist the daughter of a friend of @Turd Ferguson, and at the prompting of @Lupara, I thought maybe we could all come up with some interesting topics relative to your local area for a young college woman to research. I know that in my time here as an outsider I have learned many interesting things that I would have never known about people from Western Central PA, so I’ll go first. Please add possible topics as they come to mind. 1. Yinze is only y’all + 700 miles north 2. Take all of the stereotypes about the religious, redneck, right wing south, give it a different accent, and you have Western Central PA. (That is not derogatory, it’s the main reason I’m still here after over 2 years) 3. They pay a lot of money for baseball fields 4. Roundabouts are confusing 5. Where did the shopping carts come from? 6. What is the deal with the water bill? 7. Is Treasure Lake a real place, and if so, who looks down on whom? 8. Why does Olive Garden refuse to build there?
  2. That deserves a thread all it’s own. Stay tuned
  3. You’d be amazed how you can keep yourself amused with discarded mannequins and clothing. Hilarity can be asphyxiating if you happen to find a sheep from a Serta display. I’ve heard
  4. Well, of course for anniversaries, I thought we were talking about Valentines
  5. Ok, so you can’t go out without a mask, can’t walk the wrong direction in the grocery store, can’t get your hair cut, can’t even make plans to watch a giant ing rodent predict the weather 9 months from now, but you can get curbside cocktails... And y’all make fun of us At least all the PETA heads can get drunk and celebrate on the way home
  6. “WAAAAAHHHH, I’m tired of these people moving south and ruining my way of life” Sucks, don’t it?
  7. Now where will I buy ridiculously priced undergarments that I love and LFGal hates? And before any of you start, no, not in a 54A, they were for her
  8. I love state off road trails. On a dirt bike. We have a non-PC term for riders of 4 wheeled machines that operate by their own set of rules, with blatant disregard for state laws or personal property: Quadtard
  9. I love your governor You can’t get a haircut, go out without a mask, walk the wrong direction in the grocery store, but Jack and Coke to go is A-ok
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