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  1. I think the conservatives carpetbombing their own sites with those lame azz Tweets are doing that work for them. Not pointing any fingers, though...
  2. I don’t do Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media at all. The only social media group that I am a member of, the only online posting I do, is here. The only thing that I feel I have missed by not being involved anywhere else is your funny nasty stuff.
  3. Yeah, he was just pretending. Of course, if he had shown up and drawn a map to where the Clintons buried the bodies it would have become Twitter proof, but I understand
  4. You say what you think it was because you didn’t see it. I only posted that because your response to my original post about Rush turning news into entertainment was “Proof?” That alone is a fallacy, because you have proven time and again you believe what you want to believe, but I actually have heard Rush explain this one himself. If I go to the trouble of finding the link to that episode and pasting it here, you wouldn’t even watch it, so I’m not wasting my time
  5. No, you just totally ignored the answer I gave you. It’s ok, someone will be along shortly to give you some “facts” you can believe in. They might not even use the words allegedly or perhaps
  6. Steve, believe it or not you and I probably cast very similar ballots, or would if we lived in the same area. Until this year I had always voted a straight Republican ticket, and I still have never voted for a Democrat. I love that the reaction from most is that if you don’t tow the line of the far right then you must be a member of Antifa But to answer your question, no, I’m not scared of some Twitter badass that lives two and a half hours away
  7. I don’t have the clip, but Rush actually appeared on an episode of Family Guy where he portrayed himself and said as much, he was fussing at Brian for taking him too seriously. Of course, if you don’t believe it it won’t be proof to you
  8. It’s not a game. You always bail out on me when I disagree with you. You sure do have long posts as long as everyone beats their chests along with you, though
  9. Stirring the pot is running around saying there is a Civil War coming because your side lost. Stirring the pot is saying there will be blood because your side lost. Oh, but that’s right, they cheated this time. No way that happened last time
  10. I’m not stirring the pot, these tweets and posts to scare everyone are what is stirring the pot. Where are the videos of these people stopping people from going to work and the grocery store?
  11. You have to give Rush a lot of credit for turning news into entertainment
  12. Just curious, how many of you have seen Antifa gangs? I’ve heard a lot about them on here, and they sure sound scary, so y’all must have a lot of them up there. I mean, they must be everywhere, right? These Twitter posts scare the crap out of me, I might get shot just trying to go to work or go to the store, and I’ve never even seen a Antifa. Y’all please keep them up there
  13. I find it easy to believe more liberals voted for Biden than Hilary. She was hated on both sides of the aisle, I have Democrats in my family that refused to vote because of her. As far as the rest of your statement, you refuse to believe information given to you by a particular source. That pretty much sums up why none of this will ever be settled, and why there is no such thing as “fact” any more. Everyone will automatically dismiss whatever “fact” is presented if they don’t like whatever .com it is linked to. They can always find a .com that will give them the “facts” they want to hear
  14. I do think facts should control things, but the very same people that were willing to ignore potential facts about Russia are the ones wanting to explore every possible fact about voter fraud this time around. You settled for possibilities when Trump won. The very same ones that wanted to explore every facet of Russia are perfectly fine to let things be this time around. They are settling for possibilities because Biden won. The hypocrisy is ridiculous, but it will keep people occupied on the Internet for the next four years looking for “rebel news sources“
  15. What about those that would like to kill their big family, huh? It’s already a crap shoot whether they get infected or not, and now we’re adding masks that definitely might possibly be effective? That’s it, I’m injecting at the door
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