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  1. Not this particular town. When I was 5 or younger, there was a general store at the intersection of two main roads in that little town. That's where the men hung out, and the women said the men "took to that store like a baby to a sugar tit". Ok, maybe you're right
  2. I know at least one has, but if it ever came out here I'd have Steve hit the nuke button on LFG
  3. It really does. You can get anything from mellow sipping to throat scorching
  4. I'll send you a local t shirt that should start up a few conversations Named after an honest to goodness town, I swear. Famous for its go cart dirt track and Friday night auction
  5. There are only 3 possible outcomes of that scenario for me: 1: I went senile and somehow wound up in the PA mountains 2: Dr. Steve and Alex Jones were tipped on my location 3. I'm about to be fired
  6. If anyone ever walks up to me and asks "Are you LFG?" I'm running like hell
  7. Long as y'all bypass all the exits on 95 through SC I'm fine with that
  8. Southernmost Yankee state in the union
  9. I find myself quite charming
  10. Florida and southern should never be uttered in the same breath