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  1. Wonder if it was a Shar Pei? Please tell me it was a Shar Pei...
  2. These stories always drive me insane. Let me drop 100 gallons of leachate into a ditch that runs offsite and every resident within 100 miles downstream would demand we be shut down...
  3. LFG

    Penn State

    As big a fan as I am of the SEC, I think I'd actually pull for PSU in that game because I made friends with a bunch of Yankees. Don't y'all tell nobody I said that
  4. LFG

    Penn State

    Since I don't follow the weekly stories of your team, I'll comment on the attached stories. Here's the official LFG "Who's In?" Playoff predictions, along with my national champion pick... Final 4: 1. LSU after crushing GA in SEC championship 2. OSU after cruising to Big 10 championship 3. Clemson after coasting through ACC 4. Oregon, most impressive one loss was an early close loss to a good Auburn team Round one: LSU trounces Oregon in the second half after a close first half. Clemson beats OSU by 10+ points, remember I said that. LSU outlasts Clemson in a classic championship game
  5. LFG

    Penn State

    Correct, but that doesn't guarantee Penn State will play them. Tough games remaining for both teams
  6. LFG

    Penn State

    GA should be ashamed of themselves. Y'all lost to a good team, GA has no excuse I want PSU to destroy the Buckeyes with every fiber of my being, but that's a tall order this year. On the bright side, y'all may play a Tua-less Bama
  7. LFG


    I've been stuck on Carhartt socks for about 5 years now. I wear work boots 12-14 hours/day, and they won't last a lifetime, but they hold up 5 times longer than dept. store socks. They are also pretty soft, and pretty well padded on the soles, so the are some of the most comfortable boot socks I have ever worn. I'd say 6 pairs last me a year or more
  8. And in other news, Baskin Robbins is now selling sushi
  9. LFG

    And awaaayyy we go

    I would have lost money on that one... Now Bama beats LSU, y'all beat OSU, and Clemson is #2 again
  10. LFG

    And awaaayyy we go

    What a game. Shouldn't be this close, but what a game...
  11. LFG

    And awaaayyy we go

    Um, third quarter and it's looking like somebody needs to tell the Toos to turn his TV off...
  12. LFG

    And awaaayyy we go

    I'm glad to see it as a fan of college football
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