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  1. LFG

    Most Popular Rock Bands Of All Time

    I absolutely believe that
  2. LFG

    Most Popular Rock Bands Of All Time

    I'm sure much better than the conch shells and coconuts you started with as a lad
  3. If we get 8 inches of snow I'll be having my neighbor for dinner. Literally
  4. Everything is better with a primate
  5. You mean my new fiefdom? You will be fined $100 every time you type "Jaman was right again" gotta add that to the list...
  6. It was a great show. I was just a kid when it was on, and I remember crying when Isaiah got attacked by the bear
  7. LFG

    School Closings And Delays

    That's another thing that is new down here this year. Twice this season the high school games have been moved to Thursday because the Friday forecast was for temps in the 40s and light rain
  8. I was terrified of the mom, and absolutely despised Nellie
  9. I love Clint Eastwood, too, that's why I was surprised I hated this movie so bad. Last of the Mohicans was also very good
  10. As you can see, it runs in the family Dear Uncle (removed), I place great stock in the advice you give me. I value your years of wisdom, and I look up to you as a mentor, someone who has walked through the fires of our family and emerged from the other side intact. That is why it pains me to send you this email, and ask what the (blank) were you thinking when you told me The Unforgiven was one of the best westerns ever? Seriously, what a steaming pile of crap that movie was. I like westerns, like Clint Eastwood, and absolutely love Morgan Freeman, so when I saw that The Unforgiven was on Netflix I decided to watch this cinematic masterpiece. Were you high when you watched this movie? I kept hoping that it would get better, that the script would stop sounding like it was written by a 13 year old, that Clint Eastwood would stop saying “But I ain’t like that anymore”, but it never happened. I’m not joking, I was bored from beginning to end. You really liked it? Really? If that was the only Clint Eastwood movie I ever saw I would think he was someone they dragged in off the street that just looked like an old, washed up cowboy. Freeman was ok, but he wasn’t in the movie enough to make it any better. And do you mean to tell me that in 1880 Morgan Freeman would make it more than halfway up the stairs in a (blank house) before some drunk cowboy shot him in the back? Gene Hackman’s character was a laughable cliché, though I did enjoy the part where he sucker punched the old Brit then proceeded to kick the (deleted) out of him. The absolute worst part of the movie was the short sighted, dimwitted, killer that never killed until he pumped 3 bullets into a man taking a (deleted) Even the end of the movie, when Clint finally tries to be a bad(deleted), was ridiculous. You mean to tell me that one of the 30 armed men in that bar couldn’t take a shot at an old man with a rifle? Then he can walk into a dark street, in the rain, with every gun in town trained on him, but everyone is too scared to shoot? And it’s one of the best westerns you’ve ever seen? It’s not even in the realm of Tombstone, Dances With Wolves, hell, even Godless, and that was a town full of women. You hurt me, big guy. This all reminds me of a phrase I often used on your eldest son; You’re stupid and your opinion is wrong. Fondly, (LFG) And the reply You egotistical (deleted)! Just because you failed to recognize excellence (in the field of cinema) is not a negative reflection on the film's greatness but rather a self-damning statement as to your utter failure as a critic. Dances With Wolves is the ONLY other western in its class of the ones you mentioned. Just take a look, seriously, at the awards garnered by this cinematic masterpiece. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0105695/awards?ref_=tt_awd Many times I have seen Donald Trump tweet about a topic upon which he has little or no knowledge or understanding and in doing so make a complete fool of himself. Et tu, (LFG)? With love and affection, Uncle _______
  11. Ok, I know I'm about 25 years late, but my Uncle and I were discussing our favorite movies a few weeks back when he asked me if I had seen it. He told me it was one of the best westerns ever, far better than Tombstone. I finally saw that it was on Netflix and watched it this weekend... Is it just me? I thought it was horrible. Juvenile dialogue, predictable, no character development, and just all around dumb. Clint spends the first hour telling everyone he's not like that any more, then nearly dies from fever, then ends with a ridiculous scenario where a geriatric cowboy takes on a whole town. The nearsighted, dim witted partner he hooks up with was horribly acted, and not even Morgan Freeman could bring any life to the movie for me. Speaking of Morgan Freeman, are we to believe that in 1880 he could make it halfway up the stairs in a house of ill repute before some drunken cowboy shot him in the back? I just don't get it, I thought it was horrible. My uncle is just as narcissistic and loquacious as me, so we have had some lively debate via email about the merits of this movie, most of which is unsuitable for print
  12. I think he has 180 days to claim the ticket, so you are probably right. The local story goes that he didn't see the winning numbers until at work the next day. He checked his ticket in the break room around a few other workers. Later in the day he was called out of a meeting in his office building. I know a few people who work at that particular business, and the story is the same with all of them. I hope it's true, if someone that isn't me wins that money, it would be nice to see them actually be smart with it. I don't look at it as the end of a happy life, chances are just as good that it is the beginning of a wonderful life. Not everyone will blow that money on 4 wheelers and strippers. I like to imagine how nice it would be to drive to Charlotte, buy Dale Jr's motor home, and hit the road
  13. Sure, walk out right in the middle of the serve
  14. Well, ol' Ned had the Yankee accent, so...
  15. I tried this for a while, but often found myself dancing in front of the mirror so I cut back