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  1. Was he the driver, or a landfill employee? There just aren't many reasons for a person to be in that position
  2. 80% of our trash comes in on tipper trucks, we have two of them
  3. For anyone that doesn't know, a tipper is a stand alone piece of equipment that the tractor trailers back onto to dump their loads in the landfill. Most dump the trailer after the truck uncouples, but some will lift the entire truck and trailer When that deck is in the down position, it is normally angled from back to front, so the trucks have to back slightly uphill. The big blue wall the truck is backed into is called the backstop, and the way I read that story the employee was pinched between the truck and the backstop. It's doubtful the truck was in neutral with the brakes off and just rolled into him. This is just a very sad, scary story, and another sad example that I shared with all of my operators at lunch today. We see 130-160 trucks per day, and several times per day we will interact with these trucks with either a man on the ground, or a piece of heavy machinery. Trucks can get stuck and have to be pushed or pulled, spotters will be on the ground, trash can get hung in the chute in the tipper... The cardinal rule is always make contact with the driver before doing anything around, or to, their truck. Landfills are busy places, trucks and equipment never stop moving. Many drivers get paid by the load, not by the hour, so everyone is in a hurry. We deal with a lot of weight and a lot of horsepower, so very few accidents are small. Almost every accident results in significant damage to equipment, and my fear is always what would happen if it ever involved a man on the ground. This is what would happen. It's so sad. It's a preventable accident, and if a driver was in fact driving the truck when it ran into that man, he will have to live with that for the rest of his life. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, and my biggest fear is having to call one of my employees' wives one day and tell her daddy isn't coming home
  4. Crushed on the tipper? Man, that's awful... Does anyone know if they have a tipper operator that works for the landfill, or if the drivers operate the tipper themselves? I'm trying to figure out a scenario where someone would be between the truck and the back of the tipper. That's a horrible accident that someone else probably has to live with
  5. LFG

    And awaaayyy we go

    Never! Or October 12, whichever comes first... Assuming you make it through the two trap games before then
  6. LFG

    And awaaayyy we go

    Well, the game was being played in Pittsburg(h)… Oh, wait a minute…
  7. Hitchin' post and water for buggy horses when they tire out?
  8. I was 9 when Fast Times was in theaters, was 12 when my grandpa bought his first VCR. Grandma and Grandpa were a little...different... so I saw a few movies I probably shouldn't have at such a young age, but that image in that pool burned so vividly in my mind that to this day the first 20 seconds of "Moving in Stereo"...
  9. That's pretty awesome! Looks like a Cheech and Chong smoker, though "Its mostly Hickory, but it's got some Labrador in it"
  10. The Cars, Phoebe Cates, and a red bikini changed my life forever...
  11. There were a couple of stories in college football this weekend that didn't make me cry... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxsports.com/college-football/story/remember-wendy-uga-fans-don-pink-to-honor-anderson-s-wife-091419%3famp=true
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