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  1. LFG

    Today's wonders

    Miracle Whip really does suck, though
  2. Can I taste the difference... Let me ask you, Gordon Ramsey, if you were trying two ice creams in a blind taste test, and while one tasted like a sweet, creamy vanilla, the other one tasted like a hot Goodyear tire that just drove through flaming diesel and turpentine, could you tell the difference?
  3. LFG


    What? I really do have a lot of chickens, I swear
  4. That's no excuse. Miracle Whip has been scientifically proven to be an acceptable alternative to varnish, kerosene, and Wal-Mart paper plate adhesive
  5. It's kind of like that down here with Latinos. We don't give any thought to where they actually came from, we just assign them all to the country that most of them in our area come from. In SC we call brown people Mexican, but in FL they are Cuban, in NC they are Puerto Rican, so on and so forth. Humorous, maybe, but also true and really does tie in with the Amish calling everyone else English. Don't make it right, but it's right to them
  6. So there were multiple victims?
  7. LFG

    EARLY Winter???

    Just gotta keep the trim tabs down and the throttle pegged
  8. Note the hair in the bottom right corner, the top of someone's head. He thought he was safe above the knees, too
  9. LFG

    EARLY Winter???

    Well, the insane drivers are Yankees, note all the FL tags on 95. 95 is horrendous, there should be a government mandate to never build roads out of concrete. It's bad enough in a vee hickle, can be downright scary with the boat or RV
  10. My roommate my first semester at USC was from Maryland. I had him absolutely addicted to sweet tea within a month
  11. LFG


    I really wish you would reconsider this particular stance. I get chicken decrement on my boots on a daily basis, but it is very unfair to use that as an assessment of my intelligence
  12. That's an LTB!!! Does no one have any respect for themselves any more? Aside from the blasphemous addition of cheese, just the fact that you can ingest Miracle Whip means that you have already done irreparable harm to your digestive system
  13. Yep, my grandma could spit much further than I can. That sandy dirt will bring a grown man to his knees, too