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  1. I would call for a Trump Moon, but he'd just Tweet a picture of his a**
  2. Not a doubt in my mind Let's just vote Cortez in 2020. Ban cow farts, free college for all unspayed cats, and a new name for every Moon Friggin commie pinkos rurinin' my life just so they can tell their babies "Look honey..., no, slide your helmet back. Stop, put down your gluten/GMO/THC free health snack. Look, see pookie-kins? That's the Buck Moon! That's what the Native Americans called it before we raped their land and gave them measles and casinos. Isn't it beautiful?"
  3. And why do you think I'm BI*CHING today??? Jesus, Jaman
  4. I hope Trump signs an executive order to put an end to this nonsense just so conman can start a thread about it in the debate forum
  5. That's right, I haven't had a good in a while, so here we go... Do y'all get this crap up there? Some vapid, skinny, pasty white bubble headed weather girl telling you the name for the current full moon? Seems like it's every month now. Sure, I've heard of the Harvest Moon and a Blue Moon, but the straw that broke the camel's back for me was the Super Blood Wolf Moon a few months back. WTF??? When did this become a thing? When did we come up with some back to nature, touchy feely name for every friggin full moon throughout the year? And last night our local bubblehead says "It's also known as the Thunder Moon because of all the thunderstorms we have in July " WHAT??? What about the thunderstorms in April, May, June, and August you dumb She then goes on to explain how the name comes from the Native Americans. Ok, right, so I'm to believe that each of the over 500 tribes sent a delegate to a meeting somewhere, presumably in a desert with a sufficient supply of peyote, where they took a vote and said "Hmmm, July. Buck Moon", but Whines Like Bi*ch wanted Thunder Moon, so just to shut him up they made it the alternate. My big ol' butt Just keep drinking your Starbucks, driving your hybrids, and finding uses for pot with no THC. Leave the Moon alone
  6. I know Vader is thinking it, too, but if you haven't seen the South Park rendition of Mickey's handling of the Jonas brothers then you have missed an hour of fine entertainment
  7. You might get some dirty looks, but they shore got some purty fish https://stores.petco.com/pa/dubois/pet-supplies-dubois-pa-2797.html?cm_mmc=GMapsPet-_-PA-_-Dubois-_-2797
  8. I still think there's a 23.7% chance that conman, Watoos, and soccermom are all the same person
  9. LFG


    I promise you, I have been wondering what our old buddy would have to say about the current weather patterns in the gulf
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