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  1. I love that these stores are making this announcement in July, trying to look like they are making some wonderful contribution to society by remaining closed to stop the spread. Has anyone been to Best Buy lately? They aren’t stocking . People haven’t been out shopping, more than likely won’t be out shopping, chances are it could be worse by November. They aren’t going to waste the money on a gamble for 12 extra hours of shopping when those same shoppers that just MUST go will be there on Friday. Besides, we’re talking late November. On the morning of Nov. 4 Covid is either going to be declared to be increasing at a rate of 500% per day, or completely eliminated, so a new 70 inch ultra 8K is going to seem kinda anti-climactic
  2. Those have been showing up here, too. Don’t think I’d open any packages from China right now...
  3. Anyone wonder the same thing I did when they read 300-400? Watch the video. Yep
  4. No, that’s a RZR Never try to outredneck a redneck
  5. I ain’t pretty, but I’m charming, I married up Control my azz, use all the pretty words you want, a mask slows flying boogers down, beard or no beard
  6. That should be grounds for justified shooting. That is the most disgusting word in the English language, I can’t even stand to hear it the way you said it, much less pronounced the way it’s spelled. There’s a popular make of boat down here called Sea Hunt, I refuse to even stop at a dealership
  7. I almost quoted you instead of bob, but I didn’t only because I like you and I knew I’d get drug into a silly argument defending masks I don’t agree with in the first place. However... You are correct, my beard completely negates the effectiveness of any mask in protecting me, but the mask (even with the beard) is still quite effective in the mirror test. I’ll tell you what you should be really concerned about, though. I heard the next looming shortage is aluminum cans...
  8. Why? Cops and military are racist, this is obviously a dispute that white people could never understand and are incapable of handling properly. The people involved are obviously policing themselves, everything is under control. Can anyone tell me one move Trump could possibly make in this situation where the media would say “Good job”?
  9. Did you try my simple redneck test without ting on it with your wordy explanation of your personal cough etiquette, or ask me to imagine my future anger at a past relationship Give the tablet back to the cat
  10. Oh yeah, that’s the other reason I quoted bob
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