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  1. LFG

    Which one??

    Hey @WMJ77, kiss my
  2. LFG

    Which one??

    I'm doing both. I won't visit, and I'm staying 6 feet away from people from Pennsylvania
  3. Oh yeah, that was the second half of that story. LFGal looked at me like I had an arm growing out of my head
  4. The first time I saw him I was shocked how big they are up close, especially the wingspan when they take off. My "majestic" joke was the trashy setting
  5. You zoom to take a photo the same way you zoom in a picture. It's amazing how far they will zoom in
  6. Well, it started off as a turd, but after years of relentless pressure...
  7. These are the worst ever Local lawyer, he's done Indiana Jones, Mission Impossible, Mr. Rogers, all I could find on YouTube was Jaws... ETA: A few of you may remember a story I told on myself about seeing a commercial for a lawyer and asking LFGal "What's a lawyer from Pennsylvania doing advertising down here?" It was one of these. Note his signature in the bottom left
  8. And time out was that gap daddy took to catch his breath between belt swings. Coincidence that 30 years later we are where we are?
  9. Hey, @jaman, maybe you were right again! He really is teaching y'all a lesson. I thought Papa Frank jumped the gun on that one
  10. All I know about fiber optic cable is people get really pissed off when you locate it for them I hit one that knocked out a significant portion of a significant downtown back before my LF days
  11. He hangs out here quite often, he's so used to the equipment that you can drive a D8 dozer right by him and he doesn't flinch. He only gets nervous if you stop. The vultures are terrified of him, when he's around they stay high in the air, won't land anywhere near him
  12. That triggered a memory of mine, there was an old man in our neighborhood that I only knew as The Candy Man. We could run up and knock on his door and he would hand out hard candies to all the kids. It feels weird even typing that now, I'm sure some parent would launch a FB campaign to have him investigated
  13. In other news, garbage man and beloved GoDoobwa contributor found dead in home with forks embedded deeply in ears. Film at 11
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