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  1. Charlie moore

    That explanation is not at all what I thought that saying meant
  2. Y'all must not have any good Mexican places up there
  3. That brings up an interesting point. Would the plane come down due to equipment malfunction, or atmospheric hazard?
  4. I'm not impressed. If my fighting over my flatulence brought down a plane I would be embarrassed. Now, if my flatulance in and of itself brought the plane down, that would be newsworthy, something to be proud of. Much more gratifying than just being sneaky under the covers without giggling. I hear...
  5. Florida High school shooting today

    I know I took what you said to an extreme, but I do disagree somewhat with the premise. Is this atmosphere of fear anywhere near the atmosphere we had in the 60s when American officers walked onto an American campus and killed students? This fear isn't new, this isn't the only generation that has had to deal with scary images. I don't like to see mental health and gun control so intertwined every time an incident like this happens. I agree with you about mental health not being the only litmus test for gun ownership, but at the same time the gun isn't the only cause for the violent act. Without even getting into the politics of it in regards to the NRA, the president, or the lobbyists, the elephant in the room to me is the large number of people that go untreated just because they refuse to be treated. Even when the warning signs are everywhere, you can't just put them away. Why? Is it overcrowding? Civil liberties? No one wants to deal with it?
  6. Sea sickness?

    Been on many an offshore fishing trip with LFGal. First, Petee is right. Pay up for the patches, you'd pay more to stop the pain once you get sick. If that's not an option, the main thing is to keep something on your stomach. A large cruise ship is going to be much better than a fishing boat, and even just snacking on peanut butter crackers would help my wife immensely. Ginger is also a natural remedy. Ginger tablets are readily available, and ginger ale works wonders. Especially when washing down peanut butter crackers Good luck!

    No problem. PA already got their free eggs
  8. No Simple Possession Prosecution

    This must be something that has been happening all around without me realizing it. My wife and I just started watching Live PD a few months ago, and I was shocked at the numbers of drivers that are pulled over with marijuana in their cars and let go. Especially if they are up front with the cops, if it's just a small amount for personal use the cops just let them go. I'm not even saying I agree or disagree with it, I just didn't know.
  9. Florida High school shooting today

    I like discussing this topic with you because we see the same problems, but draw different conclusions because of life experiences. So the metal detectors, policemen, and armed teachers set off a person that otherwise would have been ok? Enemies of our country want this atmosphere of fear and chaos? If someone had just hugged them everything would have been ok? BS You know I like you, I'm not arguing, I'm telling you what I have seen. The hugging, excusing bad behavior, bailing them out, never letting them hit bottom on their own, perpetuated the bad behavior. The mental imbalances that were self medicated with illegal drugs were never treated properly, and it turned into lifelong drug addictions that in turn exponentially magnified the mental instabilities. It should have been easier to force them to take treatment, to not be able to walk out on their own. I made it out of that s**t because my grandfather watched out for me. Two of my brothers weren't so lucky...

    I sent 30 eggs from SC to Springfield, OR through the USPS, and all 30 arrived today with no cracks
  11. Florida High school shooting today

    For certain ones? Yep You've read a lot of my posts, you know why I have a less sensitive view on this, but some people shouldn't be on the streets. Some people don't want help, are perfectly happy living in the mania inside their heads, and are a danger to themselves and others. How many times after a wife is murdered, or children are killed, have you heard about how many times the authorities had been called but nothing could be done? I understand that people have certain rights, and everyone wants to give them a chance to rehabilitate, but when someone is a known danger they should be taken off the streets. This country is sorely lacking in how it handles mental health. Help the ones that want help and can be helped. The ones that don't, remove them from the general population
  12. Advanced Disposal Landfill Collapse

    50% reduction in intake of a certain waste stream. $150-200K/ month reduction in revenue That material still has to go somewhere, and whoever will take it will be able to charge more per ton because disposal sites are becoming limited. I'm referencing one facility, and this reduction is taking place in... let's just say more than 2... There's a lot of money there for the taking. Someone will take it. It's time for someone to look at the generators, look at how this stuff is solidified, and make the generators dry it out. Class 3 landfills are the best place we have to dispose of this stuff, but they don't have the equipment or the material to change the composition of it. Landfills are the destination, they accept and contain the waste. There has to be some kind of consistent regulation to require the generators to make this material safe for a landfill. They aren't purposely creating a material that is this hazardous, it just meets the current criteria, passes the current tests required to enter a landfill. The problem is there is more of it than ever before, and as more and more municipalities push recycling, there is less MSW to mix with it. The percentage of wet waste to MSW continues to climb, and that is what makes a landfill dangerous. If it were solidified a different way, with a more porous material that made it drier and facilitated drainage, then I wouldn't have a problem with it. When landfills slide, or you have a catastrophic event like Greentree, everyone looks at the landfill. Mistakes were made, no doubt, but if that material was dry in the first place maybe that wouldn't have happened.
  13. I live in a rural area on the outskirts of the second most populated county in SC. You see a lot of prescription pill deals around here, and most of the clientele fit her demographic.
  14. Advanced Disposal Landfill Collapse

    There have been massive changes where I work this year, and no one will say it, but I know it is a direct result of what happened in Pennsylvania. Good has come of it
  15. I apologize for whatever you saw