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  1. LFG

    Movies - The Mule

    It was definitely more fun this way
  2. LFG

    Movies - The Mule

    Hell, he could have just added "Hey Siri"
  3. LFG

    Movies - The Mule

    TD, I love ya man, but good lord Heres a little trick we learned down here
  4. Look how close to the house it is. They'd better be glad there was a stump
  5. Well, I knew it wasn't a Steeler. They can't tackle
  6. LFG

    Movies - The Mule

    With the size and picture quality of TVs nowadays, along with the sound produced by a good soundbar and subwoofer, we maybe go to an actual theater once every few years
  7. LFG

    Weekend Snowstorm

    So he's still robbing the cradle?
  8. LFG

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Oh no you don't, not after admonishing me for thread nabbery
  9. LFG

    Did you know

    Me to, though I use a different section of the site. That's how I know that the Democrats have shut down the government to keep Trump from building a wall to stop global warming
  10. LFG

    Weekend Snowstorm

    I'd have to say Avenged Sevenfold. It was her second marriage
  11. LFG

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Whew, I thought you were going to talk about the show where Bob asked "Where's the strangest place..."
  12. LFG

    Weekend Snowstorm

    By morning down here all that's left is a puddle
  13. LFG

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Well, being from SC, I'd be just as shocked to see 8 as LFGal
  14. LFG

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Yes, but for years we've been telling them I I was I I
  15. LFG

    Movies - The Mule

    I've been wondering about that one. I love cartel documentaries and decrepit Eastwood characters, so it was on my radar