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  1. Tell you what you don’t drop.... Well, never mind, I’ll just delete this one myself
  2. LFG


    Das ist lustig genau dort ist es mir egal wer du bist
  3. LFG

    Clemson/Bama 4

    Well, every few years or so another SEC school buys a good quarterback
  4. LFG

    get ready

    Up on the rooftop click click click Why does Mrs. Santa have a mask?
  5. True story, friend of LFGal texted her this weekend and told her that a mutual acquaintance had died of complications due to Covid Saturday morning. I asked “How old was she, anyway?” LFGal said “She had just turned 100” Now, lest ye all think I am playing a character here, my response was pretty much what you have all come to know about me over the last few years. I launched into a diatribe that sounded pretty much like this: We aren’t supposed to live this long. Medicine has found a way to cheat nature, and now nature has beaten medicine. The first wave of vaccines hasn’t even thawed yet and the media is already trying to scare us with round 2. You want this to be over? Have a giant Christmas celebration, invite everyone you know, cough on every one of them as they walk in the door, kiss them on the mouth, lick their dinner rolls before handing them out. If we wait for the world governments to tell us it’s safe to come out this will never be over
  6. LFG

    Clemson/Bama 4

    So, how will the rest of the country feel watching two clearly superior Deep South teams play for yet another national championship? I mean, come on, Notre Dame got humiliated by Clemson Saturday and now they want to play Bama? They should have just stayed non-conference and saved themselves the embarrassment instead of trying to cash in on a loophole. And OSU shouldn’t even be in consideration for the playoff with 6 games played. Hasn’t Clemson beaten them down enough in the post season? I mean, we all like seeing the Buckeyes lose, but I would have preferred to see them snubbed. Texas A&M should have been #3, Florida should have been #4. Oklahoma? Seriously, what 2 loss Big12 team should ever be in the discussion? Anyhoo: Alabama: 48 Notre Dame: 23 Clemson: 35 OSU: 20 Clemson: 38 Alabama: 35
  7. LFG

    Snow Hysteria

    Well, some of us don’t have much experience in snow but we know not to hit the brakes so we just floor it and hope for the best. The ones off the road hit the brakes
  8. LFG

    Snow Hysteria

    Don’t y’all never, ever, tell me we caint drive in the snow no more. Y’all’re payin’ that man not to do sich as that
  9. LFG

    The Babylon Bee

    Careful, that’s going to wind up as a thread topic... Babylon Bee tells it like it is
  10. I talk to myself because I'm the only one whose answers I can accept --- George Carlin
  11. Crop dusters 9 months ago and this would have all been over
  12. That’s an odd prize choice. Are you planning on supplanting the phonetic structure of the entire nation just to make them comply with your bastardization of Dubois?
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