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  1. Restaurants open

    I was just kidding anyway. Never know who y'all might throw on that bus
  2. Restaurants open

    Tell y'all what, get y'all a bus and come on down to the LFG chicken farm. I'm overloaded on roosters right now, and just itchin' to fire the smoker up. LFGal makes a mean macaroni pie, and dessert will be sweet potatoe pie. Y'all jes bring some of them Yankee fixins with ya, an extra 6 pack of a local Yankee brew as a peace offerin', and a few of them Stove Top stretch pants and we'll have us a party
  3. Boycotting the courier

    I read the debate forum while jabbing a fork in my ear. It's kinda the same thing
  4. Boycotting the courier

    Oh, I was just funnin' The newspaper was where we got our news before all mainstream news became fake. Thank goodness for the internet, where you can get the real truth
  5. Boycotting the courier

    What's a newspaper?
  6. Mall and Anchor Store Hours

    My wife can watch the same episode of Fixer Upper 5 times, and found Wayfair last October. After I finished the new ceilings, light fixtures, paint, etc... I told her "I'm done Chipping it, you can handle the Jo Jo"
  7. Mall and Anchor Store Hours

    Well to give credit to ---------- (some will know who that is), that is how I learned how 2 day shipping has become so common. Taxes pay for it...
  8. Virtual Cocktail App Glass

    So, how long before someone is arrested for DWVI? What will the roadside test be, hold the bubble level on your Iphone perfectly flat for 3 seconds? Arrange emojis in descending order of rage?
  9. New Air Fryer

    Amazon will set it on my porch two days later
  10. Orion Smoker

    He's standing too close to the fire
  11. Orion Smoker

    That's what I'm really impressed by after five years. It's actually better now than it was when it was new. Once it gets seasoned, it just cooks even better. . The one in that stock picture is so pretty and shiny. Mine is completely black on the inside, and the outside is stained from the smoke and fire
  12. Orion Smoker

    That is so funny, I've never seen that. Identical principle. Although, I'm rather fond of the handles on mine that don't get hot for taking the lid off
  13. Charles Manson Dead At 83

    What's happening in SC now is the state doesn't have the drugs needed for lethal injection. There's no Shield law to protect the identities of the producers of the drugs or the pharmacies that mix them, so we've been out of the drugs since 2013. The left has legislated the death penalty to... death