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  1. LFG

    A question

    Have fun with the forum, give the posters faces you can identify with. Make Steve The Great Oz, either the one on the screen or the one behind the curtain, take your pick. Make Fedup Jeff Dunham's Walter. Sticking with the Dunham theme, make me Bubba J. Bon can be Vickie Lawrence from Mama's Family. Lavender can be Lilith from Cheers. Why Lilith, you ask? Because I believe she would actually use tumefy in a sentence in lieu of lesser, more crude verbs
  2. LFG

    A question

    See what I mean? Join the debate forum and be mesmerized by thought provoking incomplete sentences, plagiarized from fortune cookies, delivered in an omnipotent yet condescending manner. It's got it all!
  3. LFG

    A question

    Absolutely. I have never had more fun with paper plates or toilet perfume in my life
  4. LFG

    A question

    Or look for a thread that is alternating between Petee and Lindsey33. Those can often be rather entertaining as well
  5. LFG

    A question

    What I would really suggest if you want something new is not searching for a thread title that catches your eye, but search the threads by which member replied last. Myself, lavender, dubois15something, Illiterate, Vader, or a few others. Chances are that thread has come completely off the rails by post number five, and could be quite entertaining. Of course, if you are easily offended, then disregard this entire post
  6. LFG

    A question

    Just in the last two weeks I have learned the meaning of the word erudite, and when, but more importantly when NOT, to use tumefied
  7. LFG

    A question

    Or how about mr.d's encyclopedia of useless Moon names? Where is he, anyway? He missed one. "Look honey, see that? That's a Sturgeon Moon! Isn't it glorious?" "What's a sturgeon, mommy?" "One of them Yankee fish "
  8. You strike me as a petty guy I can also appreciate a twisted sense of humor, hence the wide range of emotion at your blasphemous post But you laughed about me eating babies, so it's all good
  9. LFG

    A question

    If you want something really new, really fresh, check out the debate forum. Have you ever heard of Bill Clinton?
  10. I would say the ratio of Jesus fish to #3 stickers on the bumpers of pickups down here is roughly 50/50
  11. That would warrant you a severe beating down here. I'd vouch for you, but I can't guarantee anything...
  12. I'll tell you right now, down here that is bigger news than anything that could happen to any politician, celebrity, or anyone else who is not a deity
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