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  1. To me this whole “Lady A” thing has reminded me of The Scarlet Letter from the very beginning. Let them keep it, I think those dumb rednecks tried to be PC and picked a name that makes their lead singer look like a tramp
  2. Franken-cups are insulting to paraplegic mutes, witches brew is offensive to alternative religions, vampire milk kisses encourages necrophilia, and Fangs are demoralizing to dentally challenged children. Ban Halloween
  3. @katie77, I accept full responsibility for this, I’m sorry. I’ll send you a pack of masks, I’m not kidding...
  4. How does a convicted felon get a job as a security guard? I couldn’t hire him to pick up litter
  5. Maybe they should just join forces with Natalie Maines washed up trio and call it Chixndix
  6. Well, I’ve seen my “god” hack up the most grotesque offerings after a thorough cleansing of her own **le, so maybe yours is a little more erudite. Katie, I’m terribly sorry for all of this. If you’ll PM me the address I will have the masks shipped...
  7. Not to mention “creamz” and “condiments” in the same line in the title
  8. They’ve never been the same since they got painted in those pyramids
  9. I feel bad now That reason never dawned on me. I do, however, think the Lavender mask is genius
  10. I know why you agree, look at your avatar
  11. Definitely @lavender We all know who the brains in that relationship is
  12. Looks like one of Tarantino’s forgotten props from Pulp Fiction
  13. I have seen those advertised. Something about that just doesn’t look right…
  14. Do y’all follow the War on Drugs? I was a kid in the 70s, cocaine was all the rage by the time I was in my late teens. I never did it, I saw what it did to my dad, but it seemed to me that heroin was on its way out. It was a dirty drug that people knew was instantly addictive and almost always ended either in violent withdrawal and rehab or death. It was just passé. You didn’t start hearing a lot about heroin again until the last 15 years or so, when the US started cracking down on the pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies for overprescribing opioids. Now I have to show ID to buy Advil Cold and Sinus, but if you got hooked on OxyContin you can score some smack for 10 bucks on any random street corner. Fentanyl just gives it that extra little kick, and if a couple of junkies die from it, that’s just free advertising for your product, that must be the good stuff. I didn’t start reading a lot about this until the last 5 years or so, but it will make your stomach turn
  15. Why do you have to ask questions you don’t really want to know the answers to? Especially when I’ve told you I’m OCD and sticks in my head It means intersexual (which I will now have to google . Does that mean you do yourself? Only in your mind? Whatever tickles your fancy?)... asexual, and more. Apparently the ++ just covers all the bases and makes it impossible to offend anyone. Or possible to offend everyone. ++LM ETA: Intersex... In old school layman’s terms it’s what I would have thought of as hermaphrodite, but apparently that’s too simplistic a view. I’m not being facetious, I’m actually more open minded about this than you might think because of my brother, but my southern religious upbringing still causes certain parts of my brain to rupture when I read about it. Thanks Jaman
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