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  1. Yes ice fishing is a big thing here. People actually put ice shacks/huts right on the ice...not my thing...lol
  2. Wow...glad it all turned out well...happy memories. Story to tell the grandbabies.
  3. Suppose to rain through the night...we go from one extreme to the other.
  4. Been coming down since 1 today...hoping it let's up soon😔. I'm already sick of it and it isnt even Halloween yet...lol.
  5. Tinyus


    Painting later today...gonna make a pot of chili🥣for dinner. Sunday shampoo carpets Happy weekend everyone...stay well.
  6. This is one of my favorites in the neighborhood...❤ waking up and seeing this first thing as I go out my front door.
  7. I think hanging them in the car is gross anyway. People in your car coughing or sneezing around by chance.
  8. Sending prayers for the precious child. Faith is a fighter, as she has shown us all. May she continue to fight ...FAITH is a warrior....God bless her and this family....Bon she has amazing support....bless all of you!
  9. Last night I made stirfry...it was perfect, all the yummy veggies and shrimp.
  10. Just on a happy note...thought we all could use a little lift. This was from my ride in to work this morning. The turkeys were out and busy. What a lovely sight❤ stay well everyone and have a glorious day!
  11. I love making homemade apple butter, makes the entire house smell wonderful. I have been doing this for years. Unfortunately I'm in the midwest, my family loves it. When I come home and pass it out😉. It takes some time making, and leave it cook all day, but well worth it. Peeling apples, coring and cutting them, etc. We would never eat store bought again. Usually get apples from the orchard. Here is a couple pictures start to finish🍎.
  12. Tinyus

    Hot flashes

    Polo, thank you . I have tried oils they didnt work for me either. I dont like tea, so that would be out for me as well..lol. I'm researching further and looking ahead to find what works best for me...is the key. I do sleep with the air on at night in the room...👍 I as well do not want to take hormones. Thank you again.
  13. Tinyus

    Hot flashes

    Petee... thanks for the great information. I'm researching some stuff further and hopefully to find what works for me. I know I am not alone..lol. I do not live in the area anymore, but this has been very helpful. I am happy you found what works for you🙂
  14. Tinyus

    Hot flashes

    I'm struggling with hot flashes, night sweats. Menopause is no picnic 😔 not to mention trouble sleeping. Come on ladies any recommendations for OTC before calling doctor as last resort. Supplements used...etc? Anyone using anything that is working for them? You can private message if you like...thank you!
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