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  1. Ropinirole works great , script for RLS!
  2. Thank you...I do not have facebook😁
  3. U.S. Open Chainsaw Sculpture Championship was the last 3 days. They will finish up today, amazing work. Alot of great talent from all the world!
  4. Tinyus


    I'm in the Midwest, it was on a college campus. If anyone has a chance to go to one anywhere, it is amazing to see such talented artists doing their art.
  5. Tinyus


    A couple more☺ Thanks!
  6. Tinyus


    It's been a great weekend..yesteday was beautiful out. We got to spend time at the Chalkfest. So many talented people. I wanted to share some pictures.
  7. Saw this dog yesterday , now he/she enjoying their ride. I loved it and wanted to share😄💕 Just some positivity!
  8. Tinyus

    Drip pans

    Thank you....I gave bar keepers friend a try. I will be keeping it in the house on a regular basis. It works amazing. A girls best friend...lol.
  9. Tinyus

    Drip pans

    I never gave bar keepers friend a thought. On my list for the store👍...AWESOME thanks friends!
  10. Tinyus

    Drip pans

    Sounds great...thank you. I am willing to give anything a try 😄
  11. Tinyus

    Drip pans

    Do you have stove top drip pans? Man,😟 how does everyone clean their's? I have tried so many things from baking soda, vinegar, even sprayed oven cleaner and only a little bit comes clean. HELP....any suggestions you have to share would be appreciated😁 Thanks!
  12. Tinyus


    My family did not get a letter...total frustration. So Sam's wife and daughter?
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