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  1. What was in that Sav a Lot building before, Shop n Save?
  2. I would try the Dodger, New York, German, Bagel dog, Italian, Carolina. I've had the Chicago hot dog its good👍
  3. Tinyus

    Ohio Reopens

    I have not judged anyone either...everyone has their own preference.😉 I just said what we have been doing. As for mail..the junk goes in burn bin, and other mail✉📬 is opened directly and taken care of...then hand wash🤲🧼. When we go grocery shopping🛒 the countertop is wiped down, and when we come home things are washed off...in the sink. I have always been the type of person that likes to clean out the fridge before shopping to make room for new stuff. Even before all of this...and that will not change...lol. Heck I dont like dishes in the sink over night either 🤪 OCD I guess😆 . So to each his own....healthy blessings🥰
  4. Tinyus

    Ohio Reopens

    I am not disagreeing with anyone here...but cancer and heart disease or any other health issues, you can't protect and fight against. With that being said, we can protect ourselves and wear masks, social distance, and proper handwashing.
  5. Tinyus

    Ohio Reopens

    Things are starting to reopen here in the midwest. Slowly, but I feel it's too soon. Yes, I will continue to wear my mask and good handwashing...lol. My work and my husbands work....masks are required. Restaurants are to reopen the 26th here. We had some bars open already, and the traffic was very heavy yesterday. Going by one place that is an outside bar, it was extremely packed...no distance, no masks. I feel this is crazy...do not want another outbreak. Everyone is entitled to their opinions .
  6. Love to hear this when I am enjoying my morning coffee☕, out on the deck🥰
  7. Tinyus

    Need Haircut

    I can not wait to get mine cut....I've been cutting my husband's hair for years and now I do the dog's as well. Thank god I am able to do all that, but their is no way my husband is cutting mine🤣
  8. Tinyus

    She Shed??

    Diva den Lady Lodge
  9. Alexandria...That's neat you also did the courtesy cart. I started when I was a young teen as well, I agree you never knew what you were walking into ....lol. 🤪I've seen lots of stuff. Got better as I grew with Penn Highlands😁
  10. Was it....mustard, relish, pickles, hot sauce, peppers and chili??
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