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  1. Tinyus

    Faith Marie

    Amazing news....god bless her to continue to do well🥰
  2. My condolences to the family and friends....I worked many years with his wife . What a shock, I am saddened. I send my prayers and thoughts to his wife and children.
  3. Oh I need a love button🥰...this is great!
  4. Broccoli and chicken alfredo.....garlic bread....salad.
  5. Merry Christmas to my family and friends far and near. Safe travels...enjoy your Christmas whatever the day brings!
  6. I agree...these 2 were well of age to know what they were doing, and the difference between right and wrong. Being a parent we try to instill the very best in our children, and only want the best for them, but as they get older...we are not with our children 24/7 saying "oh no, no dont this or that. How does this make a failure on the parents? It's time for young adults to take the wrap for their own actions😡
  7. Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends, far and near. May your day be blessed with family and loved ones. Hope everyone has safe travels wherever your day leads you. Feeling very blessed and grateful!
  8. Last night was sweet sausage with onions , peppers in the crockpot. Tonight is a wing night...wings in the air fryer!
  9. Crockpot of split pea and ham soup....that's the start of it😉
  10. Tinyus


    Silence of the Lamb The sixth sense Poltergeist It Blair witch project
  11. Tinyus


    What is everyone's favorite movie this time of the month, with Halloween around the corner? Scary or not scary 🧛‍♂️🦸‍♀️👻👹💀🍫🍬🎃
  12. I just ate at five guys last Friday....enjoyed it but a little pricey. It's only been in our mall 6 months...lol
  13. I agree the purple swedish fish were the best...loved stopping at the candy store after school, to get a bag full...lol. 😕 I was sad to see them stop making them too!
  14. BarNone ( candy bar) Fun Dip....the stick was just as good Cowtails Grape fish...loved the penny candy Hubba Bubba bubble tape...yum
  15. Tinyus


    The darn squirrel's🐿 love the treats from my kitchen scraps😄
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