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  1. Burns "The Vietnam War"

    It is not critical of the "peaceful" Communists.
  2. Burns "The Vietnam War"

    If you are taking this show as gospel, you will not get the entire story.
  3. Steelers Radio

    There is a WZDB operating at 95.9 out of Sykesville.
  4. Sandy Township Water/Sewage Bill

    Unless there is some clearly defined and reliable source of income, why move here at all?
  5. As my dear old grandmother would say - "it takes one to catch one."
  6. Creepy!

    The residents are all criminals?
  7. Sandy Township Water/Sewage Bill

    It is a leak of non-sewer water into the sewage collection system. It gets transported with the sewage to the plant where they are both treated, even though only the sewage requires treatment. It increases the burden on the plant and drives up costs, which are passed on to the consumer.
  8. Elk Cam

    It's up and running.
  9. Creepy!

    I doubt it.
  10. Creepy!

    It should have been "Be still my fingers".
  11. Creepy!

    Fingers . . . . .
  12. St Micheals Polish Festival

    No. But the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern is closing October 21.
  13. Nurse VS. Cop

    The law in Utah may be different.
  14. PSU Football

    I ushered at Beaver Stadium for fifteen years and both my kids went to Penn State. I never had to worry about parking because ushers receive their parking passes in July. I would strongly suggest leaving earlier than you planned. Sorry about that,but you can spend any extra time you have if you get through the traffic walking around and checking out the stadium. It is supposed to be renovated in the near future so this would be a good time to see it before that happens. From this area, and it being your first time, I would leave no later than 6AM for a noon kick-off. I would also highly recommended checking out the GoPsUSportsFootball website. It will tell you everything you need to know.
  15. Gas up 30 cents.

    I dread the day there is a run on all necessities, not just gas.