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  1. Does anyone know how this works? The format? The website didn't help much.
  2. It's all about unfettered consumerism.
  3. Did I not get the memo about the reinstatement of political debates?
  4. rossiter

    Bobby Kennedy

  5. rossiter

    "NEW" Steelers Throwback Jerseys

    You should get a look at the new helmets.
  6. rossiter

    TheTruth About Eggs

    I'll bet the United States Department of Agriculture report ruffled some feathers.
  7. rossiter

    Hockman Candy

    I realize this post is off topic, but is Hockman Candy open for business?
  8. His beliefs got more exposure than if he had been permitted to proceed.
  9. The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture oversees restaurant inspections in Pennsylvania.
  10. Penn State continues to implant chips in the skulls of its students, but the messages are confined to the varsity football program.
  11. rossiter


    I applaud the fact that you actually introduced the law into one of these discussions.
  12. rossiter


    Thank you for the information. Looks like full employment for attorneys.
  13. Every person on that set is a member of a union. They'll all have work soon. One less reason to hate her.