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  1. Lost men's travel bag (shave kit) possibly along 255 Sabula area. Black, if found please message.
  2. We shall see when appointment #5 comes Monday afternoon. Thanks for all the response.
  3. I have been trying to get internet service from Zito to replace Verizon DSL. Fourth day scheduled in as many weeks for installation of Zito Media Internet Service. I have wasted 4 days waiting for them to show up and no calls to cancel, reschedule or explain why they did not show. I have had to call their Customer Support several times only to receive the complimentary “we are sorry and we’ll look into it and get back to you” excuse. Never to hear from them again. Tuesday, I received the recorded “You have an appointment tomorrow from 10 – 12.” I was not aware I had an appointment until the recorded call. Of course, another no show, no call. Is this the status quo for Zito Media to treat potential and existing customers with no respect? Does anyone know of a senior official, manager or VP I can contact besides their Customer Service people? Looking for a name and direct number to Executive.
  4. Looking for general contractor to replace porch in Limestone. Licensed, insured and references if possible
  5. I am not in TL. How much does everyone else pay for Zito Internet 100 Mbps? I get about 2.5 with Verizon. I see a current plan for $49.95. I don't need Cable TV, just Internet.
  6. What are your reviews on Zito Media Internet services. I currently have Verizon DSL with low speeds. Is Zito's reliability worth looking into?
  7. Nice Job Rusty, Thanks for the look.
  8. Where specifically are the 21 current positive cases in Clearfield County? I heard of one healthcare worker who is now back working. Where are the other cases? Would be nice to know.
  9. Would it be prudent to provide more information of the locations without compromising the infected individuals in order that the public can better protect themselves by knowing when & where? Clearfield County covers a lot of area and by not disclosing the specifics the public risks are higher by not having proper knowledge.
  10. So why do Seniors have to get up to shop at the crack of dawn? What makes them think Seniors are up at those hours let alone ready to go out? BFD
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