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  1. And what will happen to Hunter?........Sadly, nothing.
  2. How I love MLB! BUT, not as much as I love the USA. Good bye MLB along with all other professional sports who are participating in this idiocy that is going on in America. Good bye Delta, Coca Cola and anyone else on this bandwagon. How laughable that you think we value your opinions. The last time I flew, it was Delta. Never again.
  3. Oops...did that wrong. dear Lupara.....you truly have to be joking.
  4. You’ve got to be joking.
  5. Saying Amen and Awoman after a prayer! Burning a Trump 2024 flag! I truly truly fear for our future. Satan is having a great time. God help us. 😢😢
  6. I have lost all faith in the United State Supreme Court. To say that they will discuss President Trump's case two days after the inauguration, is an insult to the American people. The 76 million people that voted for President Trump have been thrown to the curb and then trampled on by the masses. We will never be able to trust an American election again. When the 22nd comes, they will say it is now a moot subject and can dismiss the case. They should hang their heads in shame.
  7. I have a very similar recipe. It calls for broken up stick pretzels. You wouldn’t have to use walnuts, but you would still have the crunch.
  8. betterworldbooks.com You can purchase new or used books. A lot of books are less than $3.75 and shipping is free. The new books are regular price. I always buy their used books. They have always been very good or excellent condition. Really great that you don’t have to pay for shipping!
  9. Pompeii.....What do you think? Your thoughts?? President Trump fires the Secretary of Defense then combines special forces units into 1 command. That bypasses the need for authority of the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. NEVER DONE BEFORE. So what is coming next week? Remember also, all the SEALED INDICTMENTS that has been done in 4 years. As well as the massive construction at GITMO over the past 4 years. Please let next week be biblical.
  10. I am so so sad because I’m afraid we are going to lose the America of yesteryear. We’ve already lost a lot of it. With hard core liberal Kamala Harris as our president ( and don’t kid yourself that she won’t be president) it is only a short time until we will no longer recognize America. When you have no rights whatsoever and are tossed away because you are either too young or too old for them to figure you are a contribution to society, remember who you voted for. God save us. He is our only hope in this fallen world.
  11. No mask is required for hunters in the state of Pennsylvania.
  12. Don’t need to worry about Joe. Joe absolutely does not have the stamina to govern this country. The one you need to worry about is Kamala Harris, the most liberal senator in the U.S. She will make sure all these demands from BLM, The Squad and Bernie Sanders are taken care of.
  13. Thank you, Pompeii....thank you, thank you, thank you for your posts on this subject. Trump 2020!!
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