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  2. So I'm replying to this because it hit's extremely close to home... Ya see, chances are you are talking about the bus driver named Chuck, and well... Chuck is my Dad. He has been a bus driver for 22 years. My dad would do just about anything for anybody and I'm not just saying this because he is my Dad. Are there people who aren't fond of him? Sure. Do you like everybody? Bet not! And if ya say you do, you're a big fat liar! Anyways... My point is, if I was riding on public transportation and I was cold I would politely ask the driver if he or she would be able to adjust the temperature. I'm sure it was just a lot easier for you to jump on here and complain about becoming sick when chances are the a/c wasn't the culprit. A/C is actually good for COPD. So now it's your turn to reply with your 2¢ worth. I do hope you feel better. I know COPD is an awful disease. My grandfather had it. Prayers for good health coming your way...
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