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  1. Keep shopping on line.None of the money stays local to keep these stores going...
  2. DLE1950

    DuBois Mall is in a Receivership Sale

    Reason ???? Bad management and online shopping the 2 big problems. when you shop online the money leaves the local economy..
  3. Unless the bear made the 911 call I wouldn't worry about it..
  4. DLE1950

    Can I still get girl scout cookies

    I buy Benton brand cookies at Aldi.Most of their cookies seem to be take offs of G.S. cookies.The caramel coconut cookis are like samosa and awesome.
  5. DLE1950

    Homemade Vegetable Soup

    I made homemade chicken noodle soup today with home made noodles.It warmed up the inards.
  6. The just want to get across the border and get that cheap labor before the wall is built.
  7. DLE1950

    Reputable coin dealer

    I believe that Dave Setree at the anchor Inn in Punxsy is still dealing in rare coins..These people at the Hampton inn and we buy gold stores are only interested in bullion.You need somebody like Dave to grade and appraise them for you.
  8. DLE1950

    Local bottle hunter from Sykesville

    Soda pop.They had a wire in them with a rubber stopper attached to it.When they filled them the used the wire to pull the stopper up in place.They shipped them upside down so the soda held the stopper in place.When you bought the soda at the store you hit don on the top off the bottle with the flat of you hand to push the stopper down and it made a loud pop. Thus the name soda POP. This as told to me by Arnie and several other bottle hounds and collectors.. I did some digging also till I got into metal detecting..
  9. DLE1950

    Local bottle hunter from Sykesville

    Arnie Gray was the police department in Sykesville for many years.When e retired and moved to Reynoldsville he had med clean out his bottle shed.I hauled away several loads of bottles and sold them at the flea mrts.done very well.
  10. DLE1950

    Local bottle hunter from Sykesville

    The late Arnie Gray has every thing around Sykesville and area picked over,,,,,,,,
  11. DLE1950

    franks pizza??

    I remember the M&M being near the intersection of Jared and West long,,,,
  12. DLE1950

    franks pizza??

    Between Brookville and Punxsy in Stanton,,,Now Grandma's kitchen....
  13. DLE1950

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Home made chicken noodle soup with home made egg noodles.
  14. DLE1950

    DuBois and Sandy police

    Tammy is a officer in a couple towns around here and is very good at what she does. N-rad is a fairly new device that local cops use to read speed.They set the units across from each other along the road and a laser reads your speed.I believe Sandy has one as well as Reyn,Sykes and Pleasant Gap among other small town A lot of times you don't even see the cop till it is to late because they don't set near it and with these a ticket is hard to fight and win.. Best thing since radar...