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  1. Same in Reynoldsville. The stop signs and stop lights are there for decoration. The town could make enough to hire another officer if they enforced them and the speed limit.
  2. I don't think a Target would fit in the Ice cream place.
  3. Time Left: 1 month and 20 days

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    Small engine repair manuals. Briggs & Stratton and Tecumseh + 2 briggs add ons.Red cover one shows wear and some staining but all there. $30 for all.


  4. Read my post again. I did not say anything about the accident or who's fault it was. Just making lite of the fact that this is one of the trucks that run flat out on Bradford st/ rt 310. This is a problem in Reynoldsville that seems to have no cure. Wait till you are coming in 310 at the corner of jackson st and one comes around there with out stopping.Yes cars do it to. Scares the s#^t out of you
  5. This truck like the one that rolled over on 322 past McGarveys had no respect for speed limits.They ran Jackson and Bradford sts like they were on I-80.I guess the new 35 is 55+.The large trucks speeding and running lights and stop sings is a concern to alot of people except for the police and council.
  6. “Damn, that’s good.” They can't even get that right.. The guy says " I've been a d*** fool"
  7. Wayne Road has one in Reynoldsville that is climate controlled.
  8. Same with the 85 plus that the trucks are doing.
  9. https://www.pennlive.com/life/2019/12/strasburg-rail-road-company-awarded-17-million-grant-millions-of-dollars-awarded-to-26-rail-freight-projects.html
  10. It is mostly private rail roads, and did anybody notice Senator Corman got 1 of the biggest piece of the pie.
  11. (The woods near her old dwelling. ) I have always thought this. Just have a feeling.
  12. If they don't charge and prosacute these brats what is the use of real sportsmen obeying game laws.
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