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  1. Seen an add on here earlier for Watson Lawn care and snow removal.
  2. Go to show you Our commie socialist Gov. doesn't want you to see the AMERICAN flag.
  3. There is an add on Marketplace for a guy that will take them in Brockport. He charges $2 a piece.
  4. He is out so people who defy Wolfs order to do business or wear a mask have a cell. Much more serious offense.
  5. But what do Mayflowers bring?
  6. DLE1950

    House demolition

    R.T. August Services in Reynoldsville.
  7. Time Left: 17 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2 Tri pods includes a Simmons 25x50 spotting scope. Older but works as it should. $45.00 . local pickup.


  8. They are putting their life in their faith in the Lord almighty instead of the politicions that think they are God almighty. Happy Easter.
  9. A roasted chicken from Bilo and a sweet tatter. And a bowl of my homemade chili for supper.
  10. Cooper tires here. In days off old. When knights were bold. And condoms weren't invented. They used old socks. Thus babies were prevented.. 1 line with adult content was omitted.Use your imagination.
  11. St. College has a big problem with New York and Pittsburg. Mega Bus had been bringing bus loads of people from there and droping them of in town until they put a stop to it.
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