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  1. I had read this article some time ago. I recently met up with 2 of our township supervisors and asked both of them about our township and such designation on some of our township roads? Both of them related that the township has been approached numerous times for this designation - but they will not even consider it due to the liability it would pose between ATV and motor vehicle traffic. They are considering however, posting some of our heavily traveled secondary roads NO ATV permitted.
  2. So your logic is that since other people break laws and either get away with it or suffer the consequences - if / when they actually get caught, then the same principle should apply to you and your unlawful public road ATV operation - is this correct? Maybe you can help me understand? You did comment earlier that you never said it was legal - OK then does that mean that you are interpreting these public highway safety laws on your own? An out-of-state friend called me several weeks ago and asked me that since I lived in this area of PA and his daughter was doing some college research on West Central PA inhabitants, if I had any topics that I thought she might be interested in for her research? At the time I told him I didn't think I knew of anything that she would be interested in - but I think I may be on to something for her now?
  3. Let's see how your searing logic works for you when you get confronted by a state trooper for illegally operating an ATV on a public road?
  4. Relax Beeman - regardless of your justifications - ATV operation on public roads in PA is not legal whether you think it should be or not. Maybe those that go out and buy such a vehicle should figure out where they are going to ride it when they get it home so they don't operate them on public roads before they do?
  5. UTV / ATV are not legal for highway use in PA. Your paying road taxes doesn't give you the right to run them on the highways or even secondary roads in PA. Check this out and let me know what you find out?
  6. Most of the ATV riders I see just roll down the state and secondary roads like they own them. Must not have cars?
  7. You can check with Advanced Disposal for sure - but I have heard if you cut the sidewalls out on both sides - the remaining pieces can be land filled. After cutting - it is not considered a tire - but "rubber debris". Cutting out the sidewalls prevents the tire from having a cavity which can hold water. This technique also works well for making rubber tire planters if you are in to that sort of thing?
  8. I never had any problems getting enough to eat there. I hope it stays open.
  9. I haven't seen anything like that since the last time I watched the 1939 movie of King Kong and the natives dancing at Skull Island.
  10. Turd Ferguson

    coach Gib

    My parents stayed in touch with Mr. Gilbert over the years - dad always kept me posted on how he was doing. He was a great man RIP. I sure remember gym class with Coach Gib and Coach Johnson - back in the days when everyone looked forward to getting snapped with a whistle strap or catching a wiffle ball bat across the back of the legs.
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