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  1. I never had any problems getting enough to eat there. I hope it stays open.
  2. I haven't seen anything like that since the last time I watched the 1939 movie of King Kong and the natives dancing at Skull Island.
  3. It's a shame, but I think the small, family owned American dairy farms have heard the roll of the drums.
  4. Dr. Herring was our vet for over 15 years and we had a deep relationship with him and his wonderful staff. I can recall when he was in practice with the wonderful Dr. Wooten. Dr. Herring was always with us with our ups and downs with our pets sickness and health. He was a great man and a very compassionate and caring vet. He will be sorely missed - our sympathies go out to his family. Rest in peace sir.
  5. We don't want to be too traumatic in our opinions - but it seems that the local vets are mostly individual practices and they could care less about emergency services period - easier to take the routine ops and then send everyone else to St. College for the unexpected. All of the ones we called, mentioned the St. College Emergency vets in their answering machine messages. Of course, they were all more than willing to see us - after the holiday during regular office hours. The one that actually had a person taking a call told us that they probably wouldn't be doing any 24 emergency services in this area due to the fact they didn't think it would be supported well enough.
  6. We tried Dr. Wise - already left for the day and would be back Tuesday next week - but not seeing any patients until Wednesday due to scheduled surgeries. In all fairness - we did not declare an emergency with any of the vets we contacted - maybe this would have made a difference other than a very concerned status?
  7. We had an issue with one of our dogs last Friday afternoon. Not an emergency - but something that we felt needed checked out - the sooner the better. None of the vets that we called, that even had a person answering the phone - including our own - could or would do even a simple examination until sometime the following Tuesday or Wednesday due to the holiday. We made the trip to one of the vets in St. College and we are glad now that we did. Other than the 24 hr emergency vets in St. College, are there any vets in this area that offer emergency vet care along with their normal practice?
  8. Turd Ferguson

    coach Gib

    My parents stayed in touch with Mr. Gilbert over the years - dad always kept me posted on how he was doing. He was a great man RIP. I sure remember gym class with Coach Gib and Coach Johnson - back in the days when everyone looked forward to getting snapped with a whistle strap or catching a wiffle ball bat across the back of the legs.
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