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  1. Next to coal truck drivers - log truck drivers are the worst in my opinion. Trucks need to slow down - they share the road with everybody else.
  2. If you can't send him collect - I'll be happy to chip in for postage.
  3. Yes - Steve is right up there with the RSB network. Keep up the good work - I'm checking this thread several times a day for a little pick-me-up.
  4. I learned first hand off of Charlie just exactly how a 6 volt three brush generator worked on a 1948 John Deere Model M. I still remember him taking the time to school me and saying that if you are going to run something - you better know how it works. He was just that sort of guy. We lost a great one and heaven wins - RIP Charlie - you'll be missed.
  5. Plain on the nose on your face - widespread fraud and voter corruption is plainly in evidence in this election. The Supreme Court needs to step in and require a mandatory recount or just a new vote in all suspect states. Biden should be going along with this - after all if he has nothing to hide what's the problem?
  6. The switched vote count looks definitive enough to question the whole process. There will be more evidence of this fraud when the investigations get deeper.
  7. Here is where the D-rats are headed.
  8. Steve - good job partner. Keep these coming - you are a natural leader.
  9. Just finished watching the Hickory Rally - another great crowd with phenomenal support. President Trump is going all out - his stamina and energy are amazing. We are staying up for the next 2 rallies tonight too.
  10. Trump is an absolute animal on the campaign trail - he is doing 5 rallies today alone. When can you remember anyone going to this extent to talk to the people? There is going to be a major reckoning in this country after this election - those not using common sense - be prepared.
  11. Sounds like somebody saw something they shouldn't have? I detest a thief.
  12. We just watched Hunt for Red October the other night and remarked how Sean Connery was one of the all time greats. Maybe we shouldn't have said anything? RIP Sir Sean Connery.
  13. I think there was a DuBois man that tried that years ago. He was going to jump and hang himself from the bridge - but he forgot to tie the rope to the bridge. I think he got two broken legs for that trick?
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