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  1. Looks like Life Fight just landed near the area.
  2. ATV / UTV operation on public highways (state, local, secondary, township, etc) is prohibited in PA unless the particular route is designated as either ATV friendly or joint operation. Recently I came upon a kid operating his ATV right down the middle of 322. He was running hell bent for leather, probably still has a neck cramp from looking behind him and he wasn't wearing a helmet either.
  3. I have never tasted a can of Goya beans - ever. After listening to the Goya CEO comments recently - I'm eating them no matter what from here on out. I'll bet I like them anyway.
  4. This is good and I hope that they enforce every single one of these regulations. We see some vehicles running around that look like they drove them off one of the Mad Max movie sets.
  5. Power came back on around 8:30 pm. Latest story is that a new remote switch reinstalled at the sub station in Luthersburg is acting up and is under investigation.
  6. Luthersburg is out of power again - just went down 6:45 pm. We finally got a hold of someone at Penelec who is still making excuses - but is going to have the reliability expert contact us. Sad!
  7. Power was back on at 11 pm. I'm going to waste some free time Monday by calling in to see if I can find out what the problems were. Then I'm calling the White House and see if I speak with President Trump on a couple things that have been on my mind lately. In my experience with Penelec - I'll have better luck with Washington.
  8. Our power was out from around 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm or so last night. We lost power tonight at 8 pm - Penelec is saying 11:30 pm to restore power. Does anyone know what is going on? Maybe another squirrel in a transformer?
  9. The greatest generation. People of today pale by comparison.
  10. He only got one - he must have been using a single shot?
  11. I had read this article some time ago. I recently met up with 2 of our township supervisors and asked both of them about our township and such designation on some of our township roads? Both of them related that the township has been approached numerous times for this designation - but they will not even consider it due to the liability it would pose between ATV and motor vehicle traffic. They are considering however, posting some of our heavily traveled secondary roads NO ATV permitted.
  12. So your logic is that since other people break laws and either get away with it or suffer the consequences - if / when they actually get caught, then the same principle should apply to you and your unlawful public road ATV operation - is this correct? Maybe you can help me understand? You did comment earlier that you never said it was legal - OK then does that mean that you are interpreting these public highway safety laws on your own? An out-of-state friend called me several weeks ago and asked me that since I lived in this area of PA and his daughter was doing some college research on West Central PA inhabitants, if I had any topics that I thought she might be interested in for her research? At the time I told him I didn't think I knew of anything that she would be interested in - but I think I may be on to something for her now?
  13. Let's see how your searing logic works for you when you get confronted by a state trooper for illegally operating an ATV on a public road?
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