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  1. You hit the nail on the head and opened Pandora's box by calling people on here naïve and agreeing with something the City wants to do! God bless you!
  2. No way that can't be! DuBois and only DuBois has come up with these rules! Just like DuBois is the only place on earth that has ever raised parking ticket prices. What you're saying is there are other parks that have the same restrictions that DuBois is trying to implement and everyone has survived in that area!? I don't believe you! Ps... Sense my sarcasm!
  3. Isn't this what we have both been trying to tell them all along? No better testimony than examples of personal experiences.
  4. Actually, I would contribute that to lack of sustainable population in the area to increase business activity. Furthermore, as you have seen many times, it is most contributed to Sandy and DuBois not being able to work together that drives businesses away. If you know anything about any previous posts on the majority of this forum, I have been a STRONG advocate for future growth and progression of the DuBois area. Attitudes that encourage someone to voice their opinions to people who can fix their concerns, and attitudes that repetitively point concerned citizens in the right direction to help them convey their messages to the people who can fix it is what we need more of. Attitudes that are clearly not receptive and admittingly objective are the very reasons people are "taking their business and $$$$ elsewhere." I guess that is why the people who are elected to office are in office. Simply put, if they don't know how people with concerns are feeling then how are they supposed to help fix the problems? I guess the old saying holds true: "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink."
  5. I'm not sure how I could convey my point any more clearly for someone to understand other than making a picture book. I would think any person who made it further than fourth grade would be able to clearly understand my point. There is no easier way than putting it in text, which I did several times. I actually feel bad that you are unable to understand something that is written in text and clearly conveyed. My apologies!
  6. I compliment you for taking the initiative to forward your concerns to the council! At least you're making an effort!!!!
  7. Attend a meeting and ask those questions to people who can answer them.
  8. Falls Creek and Brockway have parks without these restrictions that you can use.
  9. No, I said the big phrase. "Run for council to change what it is that you want to change." If you cannot run for council for any reason then vote new members in. It is obvious this is going to go nowhere. My first point, as I and another previously said, run for council and fix the issues. My second point, typing on a forum will do nothing to fix the issues. As far as the water, I am not sure about that. I do recall when I first purchased my home in TL years ago, all of my utilities made me down a hefty deposit. My electric company made me put down $250 for a deposit. $150 doesn't sound too bad compared to that. I rest my points.
  10. If you read the paper, there is typically someone in there who has been arrested in the DuBois area for drugs. To say they're not trying to combat drugs or spending time elsewhere is not a fair assumption. This is like comparing combating drugs to investigating other crimes or 911 calls. Enforcing ordinances is part of their daily jobs duties, I believe!
  11. So you would rather "waste your breath" on here instead of to someone who might actually be able to listen and help!? Seems kind of counterproductive to me and pointless other than to simply "waste your breath." No one insisted that you're trying to stir the pot. People have only suggested alternatives to get your point across instead of simply putting it on a forum.
  12. Amen! Way too many complainers who are willing to whine about anything and everything! If you are a City tax payer then attend the meetings and make suggestions!
  13. DuB814

    fusion buffet

    The way I look at it is at least it's going to occupy a building, which means jobs and not another vacant building.
  14. The frustration is understandable. The walkway allows pets, why not just go there? It is a given that they cannot make everyone happy but it is evident that they have issues that need corrected. I don't think that government officials would just come up with these ordinances out of thin air.
  15. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The "slice of heaven" comment had me and will have me chuckling for days!!! I agree with you Neither are anything special or unique. However, both municipalities impact each other directly and indirectly. Whether they like it or not both have such a huge impact on each other. If Penn Highlands folds tomorrow, I would say that most of the large and expensive houses in TL and Sylvan Heights will fold. Most or the really high paying jobs seem to come from the Hospital. The City gets virtually nothing from Penn Highlands due to they cannot be taxed, I believe. So, that is a prime example of how one reaps benefits from the other. When a business goes in at Sandy, the City then gets another water and sewer customer resulting in more revenue to put towards day-to-day operations. If I am correct that Penn Highland facilities are not taxed by the City then with the expansion of the two Hospitals will result in lost tax revenue for the City and gained for the TWP. From what I have heard, they're building parking lots in the TWP for the main hospital. Furthermore, with 400+ new job it will create, I am sure a good majority will build in the TWP.
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