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  1. Sounds like he was cruising the county on taxpayer money.
  2. There's no doubt that Donald Trump was responsible for this guy's actions.
  3. The photo is a little misleading as the dog has a very thick winter coat of fur. For everyone's piece of mind, the guy that just shelled out 5000 in Vet bills for Squirt does not neglect, abuse or overfeed Journey. He eats Rachel Ray dog food (one dish in the morning), gets regularly scheduled vet care, gets professionally groomed every 4 months and has a daily exercise regimen. He was a stray from the Punxsy area and was adopted in 2016 from the Gateway Human Society. Thanks for your concern.
  4. Bring back the Tom Mix Festival in September!
  5. They should bring back the nuns. They worked harder and received alot less pay.
  6. They will need alot ofmoney for all the forthcoming wrongful termination lawsuits.
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