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  1. A DuBois area businessman died in a motorcycle accident yesterday a little before noon in Newburgh NY.
  2. Pennsylvania no longer reports the number of recovered cases and I cannot find the number of active cases. I believe the relatively low number of 585 currently hospitalized and 103 ventilators currently in use for covid-19 purposes are important.
  3. According to figures reported at noon today on health.pa.gov website: Pennsylvania Covid-19 statistics 110,970 confirmed cases to date 3,185 probable cases to date 585 hospitalized currently There are currently 918 ventilators in use for all purposes of which 103 are in use for covid-19 cases. There have been a total of 1,142,414 negative test results to date
  4. I was there last night and stood in line for 35 minutes at Denny & Pearls. It was a beautiful evening to be out and listen to live music.
  5. If a zip code has less than 5 cases they redact the actual number and just say they have between 1 and 4 cases. There are 8 zip codes other than Clearfield that have positive cases. With 21 total positive cases, and Clearfield having 5 of those, the remaining zip codes would only have to average 2 positive cases each.
  6. According to health.pa.gov, as of May 3, Clearfield has 5 cases. DuBois, West Decatur, Rockton, Philipsburg, Cherry Tree, Houtzdale, Osceola Mills, and Coalport each have between 1 and 4 cases of Covid 19.
  7. At about 3:30 am Friday morning, irs.gov briefly had a message stating that the site was unavailable due to downloading social security info. Articles from AARP, Wall Street Journal, The Hill, and Market Watch all state that the second round of direct deposit payments will include social security recipients who do not have to file tax returns. The articles also say that the payments will occur by the end of April. Some of the articles specifically mention April 29 as the date. As of late last night, "Get My Payment" on irs.gov says that my payment will post on April 29. All of my family and friends who have checked today are also getting the April 29 date for payment posting.
  8. The IRS just downloaded the direct deposit info from Social Security on Thursday night. Nearly all Social Security recipients with direct deposit should see the stimulus payment in their account on April 29.
  9. Before I am accused of being sexist with my comment about the cows owner being a 4' 8" 65 year old woman, I also meant to say that she had no experience with livestock. She lived 12 miles away from the cows and only came to check on them once a week. By profession, she owned a ladies clothing store and operated a boarding home for college students. By the way, I am in no way sexist.
  10. Petee, you say you wonder what they might have been damaging. I can tell you. Back in the early 1990s a 4' 8" 65 year old lady bought 30 acres of land at a judicial tax sale and decided she was going to be a cattle farmer. She made her fence by leaning pallets against each other and tying them together with nylon rope. She bought 12 cows and a bull. Thus began a year or me dealing with her cows and bulls being in my yard constantly. During spring, when we have weather as we are now, my yard had hoof prints a foot deep. I could not walk from my house without wondering if I was walking in cow crap or just mud. They completely ruined a professional paint job on a Olds 442, and also broke the drivers side mirror off of it. I woke up one Saturday morning with a cow on my front porch. Incidentally, it had to go up 8 steps to get on the porch. Believe me, stray cows can do a tremendous amount of damage.
  11. According to PA Dept.of Health there are now two cases of Covid 19 in Clearfield county.
  12. The small United Methodist Church just west of Thunderbird is right in the middle of the village of Skunk Hollow. There use to be a small store there that was operated by Mr. Leach. The school house was in the building down over the embankment as you travel west on 323. I believe the building now has blue vinyl siding and is the home of Jeff Place. The house right next to the church was built by my family after their original home burned down.
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