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  1. What I am going to post came directly from the 30 year old woman's brother the morning after she was found dead. Apparently the police would rather the details were not public at this point, so I will not give her name or the exact location. She was found on her family's property. She had a troubled life from the time she was a teen. They believe it was an overdose and hope to charge the person who provided the drugs.
  2. Larry V


    My friend gave me the second page of the letter she received. It shows the rent for each of the different size apartments. She has one of the smallest and her rent increases by $85 to $1,300 on July 1. In addition, she pays $75 a month for indoor parking.
  3. Larry V


    I personally read the letter that a friend of mine received about the rent increase for her apartment. The letter was from Sam Zaffuto, dated June 1, and stated that her rent would increase by $85 per month beginning July 1. This will bring her rent to a little over $1,300 a month. She has received no additional information since the letter on June 1.
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