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  1. Just wondered if anyone is watching Hollywood tonight?
  2. Is the band selling these again this year and who has them?
  3. We have had what you could technically call a “noose” hanging from one of our trees up in the woods for years. The kids put it up and used it as a swing. Stuck their foot in it. Didn’t work that great but they had fun. Tried pulling it down last year because the limb looked pretty rotten and didn’t want the grandkids to get hurt. It ended up snapping up and now we can’t reach it.
  4. I thought the same. I kept reading it over and over trying to make sense of it. Even when I added or substituted words, it was tough.
  5. So does anyone know who’s fixing up the Japan One building?
  6. Does anyone know of anyone locally that can build an e-commerce website?
  7. I have a squirrel proof feeder that works very well but unfortunately it also discourages my larger birds-does anyone have any recommendations for a good feeder for the heavier bird. I’ve just been spreading extra seed on a block wall but the deer will clean that up pretty quickly
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