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  1. 4:40. This morning route 410 heading towards BigRun, saw the most amazing orange moon, could only see it from the top of the hill. First thing I thought was why didn't MrD.post about this.
  2. Great article about our Heroes.
  3. Huge respect to you Rachel Hill!!!! I respect anybody who stands for what you believe in, whether I agree with you or not. I have zero respect for all the people who do what others tell you what to do to be politically/socially correct. And I do not believe you should ever disrespect our FLAG OR OUR COUNTRY!!
  4. You hurt or abuse a child you're gone.........let the good Lord or the Devil judge you.
  5. Need more good news like this. Cooper and Olivia you are both amazing
  6. Wow!!!! I hope you sit down tonight and read what you posted Why would you judge someone who passed away?????
  7. Dilligaf

    POTD Faith

    Thank you Bub for reminding me what's important in life.and thank you Faith for putting a smile on my face.God bless you little angel. And also thank you Steve........for posting the Beautiful POTD.
  8. I was thinking this was about the syrup bottle . don't know if I recall the pancake mix .but I do remember the name.
  9. Just a man showing his dog he was his best friend. paying back mans best friend love.
  10. Love seeing our Beautiful flag flying.
  11. We're country folk we have no problem with that.
  12. My first flight instructor was a female......excellent pilot, flies big jets for US Airways.
  13. Thank you MrD. Glad nobody was hurt ........... Besides being a truck driver, I've been a pilot for almost 30 years.
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