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  2. COUDERSPORT—From 8-11 p.m. this Saturday, Sept. 23, the general public is invited to look through many different types of telescopes to view the starry night sky and speak with visiting astronomers who are attending the Black Forest Star Party hosted by the Central Pennsylvania Observers on Astronomy Observation Field at Cherry Springs State Park, 4639 Cherry Springs Road, Coudersport. The park is 12 miles from Galeton via West Branch Road and 15 miles from Coudersport via Route 44. This public viewing is free and registration is not required. Visitors are asked to bring small flashlights, arrive between 7 and 10 p.m., park their vehicles at the Night Sky Viewing Area and walk across Route 44 to the field. Dark Sky Team volunteers will provide the public with red filters for their flashlights and instruct them on how to find the astronomers after dark. A food concession stand will be open at the star party with food and beverages available to all. Visitors are asked to leave Observation Field by 11 p.m. so the astronomers who have volunteered their scopes can get back to observing the night sky. If viewing conditions are poor, this event will be cancelled. To check, call (814) 435-1037 Option #5.
  3. I'm thinking about giving my little fairy lavender overalls. Or maybe I'll turn the big yellow thing lavender if I can get my software to do it. Would that offend your sensibilities?
  4. Glad to hear he is recovering. May God be with him and his family.
  5. Painted Rocks Everywhere!

    I think this is really cool! This could even be a neat project for a church or youth group to do. Leaving encouraging messages around for people to find. Never know, someone may really need it!
  6. In regard to the complaint about the "cotton decor," it doesn't make sense. Cotton is used in most of our garments, towels, and linens. Its a natural resource. Cotton in general has nothing to do with the injustice done to our fellow African Americans' ancestors, other than the fact that some of them harvested it. They and other workers also harvested corn, wheat, barley and whatnot. They also performed other work. Lots of folks did. Do we need to get rid of those items? I don't think so.
  7. Out west, the majority of state police cars were gray. We actually saw them faster than our police cars.
  8. If that were a picture in the "Where is it/What is it" contest would you have to ban yourself?
  9. I hope "Superwoman" apologies to the officers for her very unlady like behavior.
  10. I hope you are speaking of yourself to start with!!!
  11. Today
  12. Im right there with you Steve, between working retail, pizza delivery, & reading, nothing surprises me!!!
  13. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Apple dumpling from the church ladies. Was it ever so so delicious!!!
  14. It happens once a week for two months and you get so angry that you post a strongly worded note pleading with her to stop? Paintball guns are not that expensive, and would make her much easier for the police to spot afterwards
  15. Now it's just a test of wills. Who will blink first?
  16. I can't take all the credit. I had the wrench and the bow, but I am a personal friend of the Princess of Alderaan. She made the outfit
  17. It appears that the natural selection process is falling behind. There are too many idiots surrounding us, or maybe they are just more visible today.
  18. The trip from cotton bolls and being offended through "Cottonelle Land" was a slide down the crapper, but the flip flop to large yellow things and crawling along in the mud is like a hop, skip and a jump down the "Yellow Brick Road". There is no need for fertilizer on our cotton, there is fertility aplenty in the minds of many here.
  19. Maybe those lyrics remind Mr. D of military days. They sound a lot like the ditties that our old Drill Sergeants ripped off when we were marching along.
  20. When I worked many many moons ago, we had this happen in a certain dept.
  21. Good Books

    After I posted that I did a little digging and found more of his books on line. There seems to be mixed reviews on several, but overall well liked. I'll have to see if I can find that movie. Thanks fro the heads up.
  22. I remember when they were green and white.
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