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  2. Florida High school shooting today

    Also going to add a question, how many times have we heard the left threaten Trump with violence or want the followers to revolt against Trump? As adults we are suppose to lead by example and IMO the example we have been setting for a while is pitiful!
  3. Truck Catches Fire on Interstate 80 in Washington Township February 24, 2018 1:54 pm· WASHINGTON TWP., Pa. (EYT) – A truck operated by a Brockway man caught fire and ended up engulfed in flames on Thursday evening along I-80 in Washington Township, Jefferson County. (Photo courtesy of Elise Clement-Mittica) According to DuBois-based State Police, around 7:59 p.m. on Thursday, February 22, 55-year-old Bryan Williamson, of Brockway, was operating a 2008 Freightliner, traveling west on Interstate 80. The vehicle’s right front tire blew out while it was traveling in the right lane. Williamson pulled over near mile marker 88.6 when he noticed the vehicle begin to catch fire. The vehicle soon became engulfed in flames before Williamson had a chance to reach his fire extinguisher. Williamson was not injured. Volunteer fire departments from Reynoldsville, Pine Creek, and Falls Creek were dispatched. Zimmerman’s Towing, PennDOT, and DuBois EMS also assisted at the scene. The vehicle was removed from the scene by Bricen’s Towing. The Department of Agriculture was notified of this crash.
  4. An adult crime deserves adult treatment. too much sweeping under the rugs
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  6. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Pizza, wings and breaded mushrooms at Charleys. Very good.
  7. Mental health treatment is confidential as are most criminal acts committed by juveniles, BUT it's a small town and people know each other. Family members talk as do friends and the other students. I work in Brockway, it's surprising how much you can find out during a break if you just keep your mouth shut. Most often it's more than you might want to know.
  8. Florida High school shooting today good start
  9. There has been some talk by administrators of allowing this student to come back to school next week. I think it would be a mistake. Same thing is currently happening in the West Perry SD. The student should lose his privilege to attend school with his classmates.
  10. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Beer battered fish and chips with coleslaw
  11. Florida High school shooting today

    This is just incredible. These are just some of the police reports. There were two internal affairs investigations initiated. One on February 6, 2016, and another on November 30, 2017: ▪ Feb. 5, 2016: A Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy is told by an anonymous caller that Nikolas Cruz, then 17, had threatened on Instagram to shoot up his school and posted a photo of himself with guns. The information is forwarded to BSO Deputy Scot Peterson, a school resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. ▪ Sept. 23, 2016: A “peer counselor” reports to Peterson that Cruz had possibly ingested gasoline in a suicide attempt, was cutting himself and wanted to buy a gun. A mental health counselor advises against involuntary committing Cruz. The high school says it will conduct a threat assessment. ▪ Sept. 28, 2016: An investigator for the Florida Department of Children and Families rules Cruz is stable, despite “fresh cuts” on his arms. His mother, Lynda Cruz, says in the past he wrote “hate signs” on his book bag and had recently talked of buying firearms. ▪ Sept. 24, 2017: A YouTube user named “nikolas cruz” posts a comment stating he wants to become a “professional school shooter.” The comment is reported to the FBI in Mississippi, which fails to make the connection to Cruz in South Florida. ▪ Nov. 1, 2017: Katherine Blaine, Lynda Cruz’s cousin, calls BSO to report that Nikolas Cruz had weapons and asks that police recover them. A “close family friend” agrees to take the firearms, according to BSO. ▪ Nov. 29, 2017: The Palm Beach County family that took in Cruz after the death of his mother calls the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office to report a fight between him and their son, 22. A member of the family says Cruz had threatened to “get his gun and come back” and that he has “put the gun to others’ heads in the past.” The family does not want him arrested once he calms down. ▪ Nov. 30, 2017: A caller from Massachusetts calls BSO to report that Cruz is collecting guns and knives and could be a “school shooter in the making.” A BSO deputy advises the caller to contact the Palm Beach sheriff. ▪ Jan. 5, 2018: A caller to the FBI’s tip line reports that Cruz has “a desire to kill people” and could potentially conduct a school shooting. The information is never passed on to the FBI’s office in Miami. ▪ Feb. 14, 2018: Nikolas Cruz attacks Stoneman Douglas High. Peterson, the school’s resource officer, draws his gun outside the building where Cruz is shooting students and staff. He does not enter. MIAMI HERALD STAFF WRITER CARLI TEPROFF CONTRIBUTED TO THIS REPORT. You can see all of the police reports here. They go back to 2011:
  12. Yes, I wondered about that. There is also FERPA.
  13. Florida High school shooting today

    Maybe if the current laws would be enforced that would be a good start. If they don’t enforce current laws what good are new ones going to do. Secondly, how about increasing the penalties on gun dealers who illegally sell firearms? IMO businesses who break the liquor law get stiffer penalties than firearm dealers. And much like if you provide alcohol to minor why have severe penalties for people who sell guns to minors? Mind you this IMO will only change this a little, we as a society have take a more active role with the children of today and not think someone else will do it. Teach our children to have respect for life, get our children to not be afraid to talk to you no matter the subject, and watch over your child to keep a eye out for changes.
  14. Racing 22 hours ago NHRA champ Brittany Force still can't remember huge season-opening wreck, but is cleared to race at Arizona Nationals Fox News Brittany Force (file) (NHRA) Brittany Force still can’t remember the huge crash that took her out of the NHRA Winternationals in Pomona, Calif., on Feb 11, but has been cleared to race at this weekend’s Arizona Nationals. Force sustained a concussion and was hospitalized overnight after the first round wreck, but escaped without any other serious injuries, Autoweek reports. The defending NHRA Top Fuel Champion said that all she can recall is staging her car at the starting line, then being helped out of it and seeing the wreck. “I remember looking down at this mangled mess and thinking someone had wrecked. Then I realized the mess was my car,” Force said. “After that I remember bits and pieces, but I do remember my whole family in the hospital with me. My first question was, 'What happened?'" She’s only watched part of the accident on an iPhone and said she doesn’t want to see the whole thing before she races again. "My biggest concern is being trapped in the car while it's on fire," she said. "So, after seeing in the video that the car tipped over and caught on fire, I made the decision not to watch it again until getting back in the car and making some runs. I don't need those images in my head before making another pass." It was the first major wreck of her career and her father, NHRA legend John Force, said afterward that he had a tough time watching it. "Takes your breath away. Knocks the wind out of you," the elder Force told Fox Sports in Pomona. Brittany got back behind the wheel for the first time at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park near Phoenix on Thursday and told reporters that it “honestly felt good to be strapped back in and I was surprised how comfortable I was.” Display nothing; This is on Publish with no configured Image Force will make her first qualifying runs during qualifying on Friday ahead of Sunday’s race. She has three runner-up finishes in five starts at the event. SEE VIDEO ;
  15. Florida High school shooting today

    Didn’t the fast and the furious program put over 2,000 guns on the street?
  16. These color-changing tattoos could be lifesavers for people suffering from chronic diseases By Julia Boccagno 15 Hours Ago They're like mood rings, expect they have more potential to change lives, especially those suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes. MIT and Harvard researchers collaborated on a project dubbed "The Dermal Abyss" to create tattoos of the future. Instead of filling the tattoo gun with traditional ink, they used biosensor liquids that have the ability to change colors on the skin. Katia Vega, a PHD associate at MIT and current associate professor at UC-Davis, explained that the biosensor tattoos change in response to fluids already circulating your skin. "So imagine you have diabetes. Your glucose levels go up and down so you can see that your tattoo is changing color and you will know when you need more insulin." Katia Vega Vega and the rest of the research team chose to study three different biosensor liquids--glucose, sodium and PH--because there is a high concentration of these elements in the skin. "The main goal of this project is how you could read information that is inside of your body that you usually don't have access to," Vega continued, offering a pain-free solution to diabetics who have to check their insulin levels anywhere between three and 10 times per day. Vega said the tattoos could also be beneficial to people living with Crohn's disease, an inflammatory illness that affects the lining of the digestive tract, often causing severe abdominal pain and fatigue. That inflammation, according to medical professions, reduces the absorption of sodium. The National Kidney Foundation reported that hyponatremia, which occurs when a person's sodium levels are abnormally low, could lead to other medical problems, such as low blood pressure, muscle weakness, or seizures. But with the biosensor tattoo, a person would be warned when sodium levels decreased to a point of concern, Vega added. What's your ideal tattoo? You should always listen to strangers when making important, permanent decisions. Take the quiz! The native Peruvian explained that she first became fascinated with the intersection of beauty and when she noticed the extent that women will go to modify their bodies, either with unconventional piercings, outrageous nails or eclectic makeup. "If we are doing all this effort, and adding these adornments to our body, then let's put some electronics, some technology. That'll make it more [engaging]." For now, The Dermal Project remains a concept, though, Vega said she's open to working on developing the project with additional tests and collaboration. She said, "For me, it's very exciting to think about new possibilities of the body and to think about new interfaces in a way that it wasn't explored before." SEE VIDEO ;
  17. Florida High school shooting today

    So when Obama was in the White House guns were allowed?
  18. Mental health treatment is regarded as confidential. The reporting of criminal acts is generally confidential as to juveniles, but in a small town the law is not always followed,as you know.
  19. This is a part of society that desperately needs addressed properly and helped. The other parts are those who would look away or just throw him away. Have a little morsel of pity for those who fall into this trap of Satan. They need to be helped, not destroyed, before it's too late.
  20. BREAKING: CCCTC’s Truck Driver Training Program Coordinator is Facing Charges for Allegedly Stealing Fuel, Donations from School Posted on Friday, February 23, 2018 by Gant Team in Crime, Local News, Top Stories CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield County Career & Technology Center’s Truck Driver Training program coordinator is facing theft and related charges for allegedly stealing from the school. Doug McClellan, 61, of Philipsburg has been charged with one count each of theft of movable property, receiving stolen property and unsworn falsification. According to Lawrence Township Police Officer Elliott Neeper, he received a report about the theft case Feb. 14 and found that the provided information was “credible.” McClellan siphoned diesel fuel from a truck that was being repaired at the school. He then took the fuel to a friend’s house, Neeper said. The school also receives donations, such as motor oil, from local businesses. McClellan was allegedly taking some donations for his own personal benefit. The total amount stolen was over $1,000, according to Neeper.
  21. Florida High school shooting today

  22. Florida High school shooting today

    Oh, okay-----------should we just get rid of the government ?
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  25. Florida High school shooting today

    A police officer should be expected to confront an armed person with a sling shot. That's what they do. Any type of gun can do a lot of damage when people are packed together at a short distance. However an AR is more accurate at a longer distance than a glock. Someone tell the media that AR stands for armalite rifle and not assault rifle .
  26. What is so terrible that he is receiving mental health assistance, evidently it is needed. Just thank God it was reported
  27. So?? If these kids are foolish and stupid enough to make threats like this it is my opinion that their names should be plastered all over the media along with their parents.
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