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  2. State HS rifle Championships in Dubois.

    How do they handle that with the guns and school mixture?
  3. Florida High school shooting today

    Hopefully the gun seller went to jail but odds are the kid got into trouble for even doing this to make a point. By the way, I love the lady's attitude when she wouldn't sell him lottery tickets.
  4. Very interesting...

    Nothing is perfect, but he's doing more than whining, he's actively working for one of the answers.
  5. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Beans and rice with Sofrito, Coconut Cream Pie from Lily's Bakery in Punxsy.
  6. Today
  7. Florida High school shooting today

    This man is so right. He said you can't get on an airplane with a bottle of water, you can't carry a weapon into a concert or a sports game, how can you carry a gun into a school? "It's not about gun laws right now...lets fix the schools".
  8. Florida High school shooting today

    This happened because the school district and police did nothing to protect the other students: "Absent Cruz’s school records, it is hard to say precisely when Cruz’s behavior became an acute problem for teachers and administrators. Disciplinary reports obtained by the Herald show that at Westglades Middle School, which he attended in 2013, he’d been cited numerous times for disrupting class, unruly behavior, insulting or profane language, profanity toward staff, disobedience and other rules violations. Records show the behaviors continued at Marjory Stoneman Douglas [High School], which he attended in 2016 and 2017 before being transferred, with discipline being dispensed for fighting, profanity, and an “assault.” It appears the Jan. 19, 2017 assault resulted in a referral for a “threat assessment.” A few months later, Cruz landed at an Off Campus Learning Center, where he remained for only about five months. “Nikolas was a very odd child and we never really pushed him academically at Cross Creek to where he would face frustration or kids were belittling him,” Carrier said. That may have changed when Cruz got to Stoneman Douglas, where former classmates said he was bullied. While students at Cross Creek receive regular counseling and the school is prepared to handle emotional outbursts, Carrier added, the lack of support at a regular school can be difficult for children with behavioral issues. It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t have looked at this child a little more closely before transitioning him to Stoneman Douglas,” Carrier added. At Douglas High, Cruz’s outbursts and penchant for weapons were well-known among students and staff. Several students have confirmed they reported his stalking and violent threats to school staff, but it was never enough to get him arrested."
  9. Florida High school shooting today

    This was an interesting segment on Real Sports. Any thoughts?
  10. Florida High school shooting today

    Interesting thought.... when a cop shoots someone the blame falls on the cop, but when a citizen shoots someone it’s the guns fault. This gun situation is somewhere that both sides have to have some give and take, but I don’t have faith in that happening. Like normal if one side does not get 100% their way there will be whining. I don’t really feel that guns are 100% the issue, it is only one part of it and if they truly want to fix it they will have to investigate every angle.
  11. Congrats to DASD for state & national honor

    Now if only there were awards like that for academic achievements by the entire student body...
  12. Very interesting...

    I see the obvious flaws with it. Good for him for thinking of the problem and actively looking for some type of solution.
  13. Very interesting...

    Why not just pay the kid who invented it? Schools waste much more than that.
  14. Congrats to DASD for state & national honor

    It ought to be they just proved they got the best rifle and pistol shooters in the state.
  15. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Hubby grilled a couple of burgers and I made cajun oven fries.
  16. Congrats to Dubois HS and the Dubois Rifle and Pistol Club. For the state HS rifle Championships.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Congrats to DASD for state & national honor

    Excellent foresight by school directors past & present
  19. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    White pizza and a salad
  20. He was one of the good guys. Tonight he is basking in the presence of the Lord he loved.
  21. Florida High school shooting today

    Class differences have always existed whether it is by tribe, village, profession, financial status or two people who have their own little imaginary clique going. Forget trying to make everyone friendly (although that would be a start) and teach kids that sometimes it's great to be different. You can't go places with limits tied around your neck. Schools should make every kid feel needed somewhere, especially those who can't quite make it on their own.
  22. Because an older, more experienced woman would tell him to hit the bricks unless he had tons of money or she was brain dead.
  23. another shooting today

    Occasionally, but is it worth the risk?
  24. another shooting today

    Even with raging hormones they know right from wrong.
  25. Florida High school shooting today

    Did anyone watch the round table in the White House with the families of victims of school shootings? The most powerful thing I heard was a father whose daughter had been killed at Columbine. He runs an organization who speaks to students and works with schools. He said the reason we are having these school shootings, and the rise in student suicides, is because students have been separated by identities. He said you can't expect everyone to be as one, but they can collectively learn to accept and respect each other. That made a lot of sense to me. The staff and administration of schools treat students differently based on academics, athletisicm, talent, etc. On top of that, students today are also made to feel separated by race, religion, and sexuality.
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