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  2. Just a little reminder that the "good old days" weren't always the "good old days".
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    Giant Eagle

    One of the stamp redemption places was on the boulevard. Maybe where Fishel's is now. I think maybe it was the Plaid stamps one, but can't say 100%, it's too long ago now.
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  5. <"According to the complaint, in an interview, Lee stated he and Brodowsky had argued several times in the past and have had four PFAs against one another but always dropped them.">
  6. Reynoldsville Residents Facing Charges Following Domestic Disturbance August 19, 2019 12:39 am· Author: Aly Delp REYNOLDSVILLE BOROUGH, Pa. (EYT) – Two Reynoldsville residents are facing assault and related charges following a domestic incident that occurred on Wednesday, August 14. Court documents indicate the Reynoldsville Borough Police Department filed criminal charges against 23-year-old Trent Edward Lee and 28-year-old Kayla Ann Brodowsky. A criminal complaint said that on August 14 Chief Troy Bell of the Reynoldsville Borough Police Department was dispatched to a residence on Main Street for a domestic disturbance where the caller, Kayla Brodowsky, said she and her boyfriend, Trent Lee, struck each other, and her boyfriend took a knife and left. It was reported that Lee was wearing a grey shirt and black pants. The complaint noted that Brodowsky also reported she had asthma, had been struck in the side, and was having difficulty breathing. Chief Bell responded to the area and saw a male fitting the description. According to the complaint, when Chief Bell pulled up nearby, the male ran between buildings to the rear of the properties. Chief Bell then followed but was unable to locate the man. Chief Bell then went to speak with Brodowsky. According to the complaint, she reported that she and Lee got into an argument that escalated. She said she then tried to get him to leave but Lee grabbed her by the neck and struck her. While Chief Bell was interviewing Brodowsky, he was contacted by a probation officer who had located Lee. The probation officer reported Lee did not stop for him and continued walking back First Street through the dead-end into a wooded area. Chief Bell proceeded to the area and observed two probation officers walking with Lee into the woods. The complaint noted that when Chief Bell approached, Lee became argumentative. Lee was then detained and transported back to the scene of the incident. Brodowsky was transported by ambulance to Penn Highlands DuBois before Chief Bell returned with Lee. According to the complaint, in an interview, Lee stated he and Brodowsky had argued several times in the past and have had four PFAs against one another but always dropped them. Lee reported that during the August 14 argument, Brodowsky grabbed him by the ears, and he then shoved her arms off of him. The complaint notes Lee also claimed Brodowsky hit him in the face first, and he then struck her back in the torso. He also stated he “was not sure” if he grabbed Brodowsky by the neck or not. Chief Bell then spoke to Brodowsky again, by phone. According to the complaint, she stated that during the argument Lee began calling her names. She then grabbed his cell phone in an attempt to get him out of the residence after asking him to leave several times. She said Lee grabbed her by the neck breaking her necklace, and she then struck him in the face with the cell phone. Brodowsky went on to report that she grabbed Lee by the ears to try to escort him from the residence, according to the complaint. She said Lee then punched her in the stomach, then punched her again in the back and once more in the stomach. Brodowsky reported Lee stood up, pulled out a knife, opened the blade, and moved to the door. She then told him she was calling the police. Lee and Brodowsky were both arraigned in front of Magisterial District Judge David B. Inzana at 3:30 p.m. on August 14. Lee faces the following charges: – Terroristic Threats With Intent To Terrorize Another, Misdemeanor 1 – Simple Assault, Misdemeanor 2 – Harassment – Subject Other to Physical Contact, Summary Unable to post $10,000.00 monetary bail, he was lodged in the Jefferson County Jail. Brodowsky faces the following charges: – Simple Assault, Misdemeanor 2 – Harassment – Subject Other to Physical Contact, Summary She remains free on $10,000.00 unsecured bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 9:45 a.m. on Tuesday, August 27, with Judge Inzana presiding. https://www.explorejeffersonpa.com/complaints-kayla-brodowsky-and-trent-lee-simple-assault/
  7. When we have a call requiring flares. picked up wires after call.
  8. Reported structure fire on Central Ave. area of 6th Street in Brookville. Time 2 AM. St.2, 10, 6, Dubois 72. and ambulance to respond. Use caution in the area. UPDATE - All units except St.2 to hold in quarters. - 2:12 AM.
  9. RICK DERRINGER / EDGAR WINTER / Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo / 1973
  10. Mary Jane Rupert, age 95 of DuBois, PA died Saturday, August 17, 2019 at Penn Highlands DuBois Hospital. Born January 2, 1924 in Fernandago, PA, she was the daughter of the late Bill and Mary Ann (Cridler) Wymer. She graduated in 1942 from Brady Township High School. On July 16, 1946 she married her husband of 66 years, James W. Rupert. He preceded her in death on September 10, 2003. As a young woman, she worked at Gray Printing and the Meter Works in DuBois. She was a talented seamstress who enjoyed making draperies. She was a homemaker and loved to bake for family, friends, neighbors and the church. Mary Jane was active in Young at Heart and the Vivian Brown Sunday School Class at the First United Methodist Church. She had a generous spirit and was always doing something for family and anyone she met who might need a little boost. Heaven has another angel. She was a wonderful mother and grandmother. She is survived by her children (Sherry McClure of DuBois, PA, Jim Rupert of Brookville, PA, and Jayne Bertram of DuBois, PA) and 5 grandchildren (Scott McClure, Josh Rupert, Shannon Rupert, Ashley Bertram, and Marielle Bertram). She was preceded in death by her brother, Bill Wymer, Jr. and her grandson Michael Whitmore. Visitation will be held on Wednesday, August 21, 2019 from 1 to 3 p.m.at the Baronick Funeral Home and Crematorium, Inc. A funeral service will be held on Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m. from the funeral home with Pastor Brett Dinger officiating. Burial will be in Morningside Cemetery. Memorials may be sent to Lakeside United Methodist Church, 420 First St., DuBois, PA 15801 On-line condolences may be sent to http://www.baronickfuneralhome.com
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    Canada Dry tonic water has quinine. My mother drank it and she claimed it helped.
  12. No one asked this lady about what they used for toilet paper or diapers, but I'll bet she would have had some surprises!
  13. Wendy’s chocolate milkshake
  14. Where at? No generator to borrow off of someone??
  15. Seltzer water with quinine in really helps. Get it at any grocery store, but quinine must be an ingredient.
  16. You guys are a hoot! There was no such thing as disposable anything for babies when I had my first child. You got cloth diapers (light and heavy) for your baby shower. You also got plastic pants for over them. You got a diaper bucket, some blueing and bleach, pins and lots of bleachable wash cloths, and you were off to the races! Babies were greased, oiled and powdered, and if you had extra money, you could buy paper liners for their diapers which helped a lot with the yuck factor. Dads did NOT diaper the baby unless you wanted more poop around the diapering area than was originally in the diaper. Babies were a Mom's job, not just a sideline. Laundry was bleached thoroughly and hung outside in the sun to disinfect and whiten. You cleaned up the baby till it shone, gave it to someone else to hold, rinsed it thoroughly in the CLEAN toilet, wrung it out, flushed, dropped the diaper into the soaking bucket, and washed your hands thoroughly. Laundry was twice a week for diapers, and the bucket got dumped into the washer, spun out, and then were laundered as usual with a vinegar rinse. Children were also potty trained early! Mine were all done with diapers by the age of one to one and a half. It was a matter of necessity because Mom might already be pregnant again. I had four children in 5 1/2 years and spent more time breast feeding than I did sleeping. Luckily Pampers came along just as I was ready to lose it and let the babies out in a corral for the day. Then I had the option of one box a week with cloth diapers for nighttime because the original disposables just weren't up to the job, and they were a luxury that really hurt the budget. As we went along, we discovered the luxury of paper towels for wiping little butts. Now if I end up on a deserted island, I want cases and cases of full sized sheets of paper towels!
  17. A large tree broke off from the trunk up on the State Street part of town, wind was nasty.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Yep! And no disposable wipes either.
  20. We had no power for a little over 23 hours, so just a salad. I had to throw away a lot of food
  21. After the storm late yesterday afternoon, we had no power for 23 hours and 3 minutes, I was going crazy! If it goes out again, I'm heading to a hotel.
  22. Zucchini lasagna with buttery broccoli spears. Hot fudge sundaes in a few.
  23. I babysat ONE time for a woman who used cloth diapers on her baby and toddler. She didn't warn me....or tell me 'the procedure'. Good thing the kids couldn't see what I was thinking when I encountered the first 'WTH is this' diaper. It took about 4 phone calls before I got any help with the aftermath.
  24. it wont win any pretty awards but it is/was good...veggie on lft....meat on rt.....will be eating it again monday, maybe tuesday too
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