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  2. I've learned the key to short smoking time is to get the cheese to right at the melting point. It takes the smoke readily.
  3. 11:54 am. Two tins of Parmesan and Romano, Colby/Monterey Jack, New York sharp Cheddar, and good old Cooper Sharp American
  4. You dont deliver like Omaha Steaks do you? Hopefully my usual neighborhood garage picnic isnt cancelled. We usually get 15-20. And we already do spread out(Social Distance) tables.
  5. I’ve got my bone-in 8pound pork butt slathered in yellow mustard and marinating in the chill chest. The rub is brown sugar, cayenne pepper, salt and celery salt, garlic powder, chipotle powder, paprika and cinnamon. Tomorrow it will go in a roasting pan, be covered in thick-sliced bacon, and apple juice poured into the pan until it is about 2/3 up the sides. Covered with foil and on the grill at a low (285F) for, oh, 9-10 hours. Every 45 minutes or so you have to spritz the bacon down with apple juice and also keep the juice level up in the pan. It will fall off the bone. I’m planning on
  6. Hubby made more chickens last Sunday. He used Palumbo's Cajun chicken rub. I thought it may be too hot, but it was a pleasant surprise. Mildly hot and tangy, too. I highly recommend!
  7. Followed this recipe Sunday with another turkey breast. The family and I agreed the best turkey weve had. Always wait 15 min to start carving.
  8. Hubby made two beercan chickens last Saturday. Used a delicious chicken rub from Cabela's and Michelob lite beer. Took two hours on temp of 350 degrees on grill with lid down. Delicious.
  9. Ok, who has a good leek recipe for on the grill? It's that time of year, and I want to impress the hubs with a grill dish of the leeks he loves.
  10. I had an interesting conversation with the son during dinner. He detailed a local commercial operation's technique for moist grilled chicken. It is very good as well. No beer can involved. They will use a simple rub of seasoned salt. Then the bird goes into a pan with a shallow layer of vinegar and butter at the bottom of the pan. Cover the pan and chicken tightly with foil and cook in a conventional oven at 350 until internal temperature is 130 degrees. Remove the foil and put in the grill/smoker at 300 degrees until internal temp is 165 degrees. We didn't see the reason for the butter i
  11. Your Green Mountain recipe on the Weber. Turkey instead of chicken. Very good. When the son says "Real good" you know it is. First pic when replenishing dust. I used two parts sugar maple, two parts hickory and one part cherry. Nice burn rate and flavor.
  12. They are fantastic, and so easy. I think you could get just as much flavor on a kettle grill with some hickory chunks or a smoke tube
  13. You'll have to excuse the lighting in the picture, I smoked these between ball games Saturday night so I had to use the grill light. They turned out great. I did 30 drummettes, 15 with a dry rub and 15 for Buffalo sauce. It was the first time I had made Buffalo sauce at home, and it was so good with the smokey flavor of the wings that I ended up dipping most of the rubbed wings, too. This is such a simple, quick way to cook wings, and they are so much better than any restaurant, I highly recommend giving it a shot
  14. Beer choice definitely matters, I have a local favorite I like. I'm wanting to try one of the coffee stouts out of curiosity
  15. Thanks for sharing this one. My beer chicken is usually a simple rub of olive oil and garlic pepper. The beer is usually a lager or darker variety. The choice of beer is noticeable. My favorite so far is a rub of pesto with some extra minced garlic and a little extra olive oil added to help cover the bird. I never put the rub on the inside. Duh. I'll be doing that next time. This recipe looks like a keeper.
  16. I smoked this for the first time Wednesday night, didn't cut it until last night, so I didn't take any pictures. This is definitely in my top 3, LFGal said it's the best chicken I've ever cooked. If you have never made a beer can chicken, get off the grilling forum Very simple recipe, lifted straight from the Green Mountain Grill site with a few tweaks. 2 tbsp olive oil (I substituted butter because... butter) 1tbsp kosher salt 1tbsp black pepper 1 tbsp chopped rosemary 2 tsp chopped thyme 2 tsp chopped dill 4 garlic cloves minces (I substituted minced
  17. I'm smoking wings for the Bowl games Saturday, probably some with a dry rub and some for Buffalo dipping sauce. I'll post pics
  18. Typical oven roasting. Someday Ill try smoking.

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