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This Club will help everyone decide on what steps to take to bring those crazy cable prices down or possibly use streaming for their main TV channels.
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  2. Netflix’s Top 250 Best Movies To Watch In Lockdown, According To Rotten Tomatoes Everyone around the country is stuck inside playing video games and watching streams right now, and you may be starting to get desperate for content to consume to alleviate the boredom. Well, how does 250 movies on Netflix sound? Gotta make the most out of that subscription, I suppose. Netflix is…generally not known for its top-notch movie selection, as many of the rights to films go to other services or stay on demand where you have to pay for them individually. But they d
  3. I did get through to Verizon today. The customer service lady didn’t try to talk me out of dropping the service like the tech lady did yesterday. Because I have been such a long time customer I was told no need to return the modem/WiFi unit.
  4. That is due to the differing types of technology and how it is implemented. If Verizon would switch over to VDSL technology they could provide very similar services, although cable tv would still have an edge due to attenuation losses that happens in single or bonded pair arrangements that telco use. CATV is amplified through out the system on a common coax line, where as telco only generates signal that the Central Office or remote switch located DSLAM. Install for either these days is basically just plugging things together, sometimes calling the ISP to do final turnup. Usua
  5. The Comcast internet is Corvette fast compared to the Verizon DSL. I was surprised how easy the self install was. I did buy my own router/wifi.
  6. Our vacation is over and I switched my internet to Comcast for the same price I was paying at Verizon for 12 months. I am hold now trying to get the Verizon internet turned off, 44 minutes and counting!
  7. I'm in the process of designing fiber for about 100 5G sites in Erie. Then a handful of random locations in the Johnstown/Somerset area. Other engineers are designing for other areas. I know DuBois has a few of them presently in and around town. 5G has a much shorter range of about 1000ft as apposed to miles for 4G and lessor standards. 5G requires small micro-cell locations, typically on poles near clusters of houses, or in succession along a route. One of concerns was that higher output level 5G signals would cause medical problems(I've seen arguments both ways on it), so carri
  8. 5G Internet: The High-Speed Replacement for Cable? By Tim Fisher What Is 5G Wi-Fi? Similar to how you get Wi-Fi at home right now, either through an existing wireless service like microwave or satellite, or a direct wired connection like cable or fiber, 5G is able to deliver internet to your home through a direct wireless connection.5G Wi-Fi is simply Wi-Fi that's providing internet access from a 5G wireless network. One way this works is through fixed wireless access, which is a base station that wirelessly connects directly to an end-user’s location, specifically to a fixed
  9. I try to be careful . I use Ebay and Paypal. So tell them to take my info off. Ill look into it.
  10. Generally VPN's are a joke, especially with how they are marketed today. They really only protect your data usage from the 1st network you pass through(your ISP or whomever you are guest connected to), but even at that - if they want to know what you are doing they can use a packet sniffer. Example: If you have Comcast and use a VPN hosted in Germany(or elsewhere) - Comcast cant readily see the content of your data transfers. But if they really wanted to know, they could just sample the packets going through. ...and even without a packet sniffer the amount of data going through can
  11. You(Dubois 15801) are excellent on your knowledge of this subject. My question is ? Is it worth to get one of those personal security packages like Lifelock? They say they will give you a "Secure VPN." Im thinking that isnt as secure as they claim. Do you have any experience or knowledge of these security plans? few years ago I did get a virus and it took a few hours for a friend to remedy the situation. Somebody has been using my cell number. So I might have been hacked. I know others with cell phones have too. I think if they target you they are going to get you.
  12. Perhaps someone in the Dubois city office tried this (free) service out on their lunch break? Hmmmm.....if it sounds to good to be true?
  13. I agree that something doesn't seem right. The channel lineup is very different from other free TV services and seems too good to be true. That, coupled with the push to use a VPN and the 'broken English' in the "FQA"s, gave me pause. 🤔
  14. I checked this out, and to be honest - I think they are pirating/hijacking streams. ...Maybe not all streams, but a number of them. They aren't making enough revenue on advertising to pay network subscription fees, nor charging to pay for such. I've dealt personally with many of those networks in signing agreements in the past, and I know most aren't giving away free live streams. Then the fact that they are pushing the use of a VPN to hide your usage. Viewer beware.
  15. That's exactly what it does, it just gives you the option of many more streaming apps. Prime, Hulu, etc...
  16. So, you're saying this device in a non-smart TV bascially makes ita smart tv? I have netflix so I'm familiar with this binge watching you speak of.... but I will be honest, I can't tell you when the last time i used my netflix account.
  17. You know how cable TV gave you the option of surfing through 100 channels of crap to find 2 or 3 good things to watch? A firestick gives you the option of searching through thousands of individual shows, series, or 10 year old movies to find 2 or 3 good things to watch, and one of those might not even have British accents. Even better, you don't have to watch one episode each week. You can discover the new rage called "binge watching", where you find a series you like, watch the entire series in one weekend, then wait 14-18 months before 8 more episodes are released. In the meantime you can re
  18. Thanks, Steve. This was worth the price of admission just to learn how to stop the autoplay of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  19. AppleTV, Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast and others are devices that allow you to stream TV apps.
  20. WATCH LIVE US CABLE CHANNELS COMPLETELY FREE & LEGAL https://ustvgo.tv/ (You can watch on any device that offers a browser ... pc, tablet , phone & Smart TV) This website has been around for about 4 years
  21. You get a better deal if you are in a contract(2 years), than just being on a plan. I just called for my mom a couple weeks ago and she added internet with her cable/phone plan for a better price. So then we decided to get rid of her 2 extra boxes and replace them with Roku's. Her one extra TV is a Roku TV and the other we bought a $30 Roku device for that one. Roku is the only device that is capable of using the Xfinity App. The Xfinity app lets you STREAM the exact same channels that you have on your regular cable plan. So if you have extra boxes and you are looking to save mone
  22. The fireStick plugs into your TV's HDMI port and gives you thousands of options for different apps for watching TV shows, movies, games , music etc.. Examples are XUMO, Pluto, IMDb Freedive, Sony Crackle, Tubi Firestick could be a benefit if you are cutting the cable cord and you are streaming your TV Channels using different apps.
  23. Comcast for internet, cable and home phone. I looked into cutting the phone from that, and it was going to save me less than $3/month. My parents still call me on my landline on occasion. Just them and telemarketers. I asked about peeling off the cable from the internet also, and it was not a significant savings either.
  24. Lots of really good programming on Amazon Prime that is exclusive, almost as much as Netflix. Goliath, Sneaky Pete, The Man in the High Castle, Homecoming, and several others are really good. Do you listen to music? You can stream tons of music through the Firestick, all genres. Even if you're not taking advantage of the Prime delivery, the Prime streaming is still a good value for the price

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