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If you learn what the bush looks like then you will also recognize them on the sides of the roads where birds and animals have dropped the seeds.  The berries strip right off the stem into a container.  Just wash them in cold water, pick off any remaining stems and cook them.  From 8 cupsof fruit I got 11 4 ounce jars of jam.  I made hubby a slice of toast last night and spread it for him.  He agrees.....Raspberry Jam!





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My daughter is on a nature kick.  She has been studying about wild foods.  She made jelly out of some wild berries last year.  I don`t know what kind.  She said some are wild gooseberries. I will have to tell her about those ones.  She is into mushrooms now.  She has identified several mushrooms.  She picks berries, and all other fruits. She either cans them, or makes jelly, or the best pies I have ever had.  She didnt learn the pie making from me, that is for sure.  lol  

My brother in Wv also made jelly.  He made it from Poke Berries. It is really good, and tastes alot like Elderberry.   I know, I know, they are suppose to be poisonous.  But they are not poison when you make jelly.  The cooking does something to them.  My Mom and I also fry poke stalks.  You get them when they are small, and fry them like you do squash.  They are good.

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There is a lot of wild food that is edible if prepared and cooked properly.  Suzanne Rensel will be coming back in the spring to do another program on spring wild edibles.  I think May.  I'm looking forward to trying Japanese Knotweed which you pick right when it emerges.


My daughter loaned me a great book, "Stalking the Wild Asparagus" by Euell Gibbons.  It's a book well worth investing in.

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