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Sassafras Tea

Guest curwensville

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Guest curwensville

I love the tea . How do you make it and how can you find it? Another question. Where around Dubois can you find teaberries? Love them  but I haven't found them in years.When we lived on the farm in Berwinsdale ( BFE to us Pa hickabillies lol)  they were all over... Childhood Yummy!

I dig up the roots, wash them, cut into small pieces and then boil them until you get the color of tea you like.


Teaberries, coming from DuBois through Rockton heading to Clearfield on the right is Greenwood road then Bloom road. You can find them there. Just past these two roads is a road on the left that if you stay left, cross 80 after the second bridge park there on the left, acres of them growing. The sassafras is growing in the same area.

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Sassafras Dosing


Sassafras root bark has been used as an aromatic and carminative at doses of 10 g; however, the carcinogenicity of its constituent safrole has limited its use.



No longer considered safe.



Documented emmenagogue, abortifacient effects. Avoid use.

Sassafras Interactions


None well documented.

Sassafras Adverse Reactions


Besides being a cancer-causing agent, sassafras can induce vomiting, stupor and hallucinations. It can also cause abortion, diaphoresis, and dermatitis.



Sassafras oil and safrole have been banned for use as flavors and food additives by the FDA because of their carcinogenic potential.

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Still waiting for the hallucinations! Hope they include some warmer temperatures. Maybe a few bikinis. Tropical orchids. :rofl:

ps If you read these scientific studies you will find that they injected those poor rats or guinea pigs with a higher concentration of the alleged carcinogens than you would ever be likely to get by drinking the stuff. Heck, I've been involved in a few way back when no one felt sorry for the test animals. I know the methodology.

All things in moderation! They have told me that caffeine was going to kill me in several different ways over the year. This year I think they are saying it is good for me. I knew that!

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