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Bald Eagle In Pa. Protects Eggs In Snow Storm

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Published: Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Excitement about two bald eagles has increased to a fever pitch around central Pennsylvania, as people observe the Pennsylvania Game Commission's bald eagle camera in York County. The live-streaming camera was installed this year in a tree near Codorus State Park, just outside Hanover.

Since then, two eggs have appeared in the nest, and people have watched and commented on the eagles' behavior.

Travis Lau, press secretary for the Game Commission and a Penn Township resident, has had the local eagles nest on his radar for several years. The nest has overlooked Lake Marburg for more than a decade.




The Pennsylvania Game Commission's eagle cam this year spotlights a pair of bald eagles nesting near Hanover.

Photo courtesy of Pennsylvania Game Commission

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Watch: First bald eagle egg hatches in Hanover-area nest


First of two eggs hatches in York County nest


By Jennifer Wentz


@jenni_wentz on Twitter


Posted:   03/23/2015 04:37:41 PM EDT0 Comments




Video: An eagle is born at Codorus State Park, Hanover, PA

The first of two bald eagle eggs in a York County nest hatched Tuesday morning, days after its "due date," according to footage from the Pennsylvania Game Commission's camera above the nest.

The newly born eagle was spotted at 8:25 a.m.

Here is what to expect next:

Help from parents

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Second Eagle Hatches in Hanover

(PA Game Commission)
(PA Game Commission)
We've been watching for months, and now both bald eagle eggs have hatched.
(PA Game Commission)
HANOVER, YORK COUNTY, MARCH 25 2015 - 1:55 PM----- The second one hatched earlier Wednesday morning in Hanover, Pennsylvania.


Thousands of people watched the eagles hatch on the live stream "eagle cam" the game commission set up. Tuesday, so many people watched the first one hatch that the live stream actually crashed.


According to Lancaster Online, the eagles

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