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Scripture Rocks In Brookville Area.

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looks like a lot of walking to get there   Is that true?

 Not really, there will be a parking lot there.  It is located between Rt.28 and Rt.322, and between the Industrial Park Rd.(Allegheny Health Center) and big red brick church on Rt.28.      TD- they are still working on this . On Saturday parking lot had piles of dirt and stone dump there.

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These are some of the pics I took last fall. The Boy Scouts had a camporee. We stayed at the fairgrounds and walked to the rocks Sat. afternoon to help finish up a couple merit badges. The large rock that Ken Burkett is standing on in the one pic is covered in scripture. Pretty impressive. The rocks with "Success" & "Faith" are where people went to pray for those things specifically. There is a rock or two with some words crossed out & some symbols similar to swearing. Ken said they guessed that was when Mr. Stahlman was not permitted to marry the woman he loved and was angry!







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Scripture Rocks Heritage Park Grand Opening in Brookville -- June 11,  1 - 4 PM - ..there will be a dedication ceremony and guided tours of the park.  Entrance to park is off Rt.28 next to Jehovah's Witness Hall.  Off Exit 81 on I-80 turn towards Brookville on Rt.28, go about one eighth mile will be on left side.  Have parking lot. 4 picnic tables among the trees.                                                                                                                                                            

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More secrets of Scripture Rocks revealed


  • Nov 3, 2016



  • By Randy Bartley J-D Editor

This rock shelter at Scripture Rocks Park in Pine Creek Township was recently excavated by volunteers from the North Fork Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society for Archeology. The shelter had sustained a partial collapse of the ceiling at some point.

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