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Rest In Peace Shmoopie11 <3


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Wow I am speechless. I never met her except to chat on here and through messages and knew she had some health issues but she never complained and said all was well. She will be missed here and in RL. Prayers for her children and other family members. I enjoyed her comments and she will be missed. It is strange how someone you never met can have a deep impact on your life.



What Would Life Be

by Scott Wheeler, Sr


What would life be with out friends like thee
I'll tell you, like no longer being free.
Imagine what life would be so sad and blue
To go through life without that special you.
And I know we live so far away
Through the internet we are like castaways
Never get to touch or hug you for this I only pray
For some day I hope we can meet
To hug and laugh and dance to the beat
I know this would be a treat
For now this is all I see
Is my good friend here with me
Just think what life would be
Without friends like thee


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She was such an awesome person, always a kind word for everyone.  May she rest in peace.  Thoughts go out to her family, especially her children.

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 Never met her personally. But just reading here she touched over the years some personally on GoDubois. She was a very faithful poster here.   Even in moments of some the "heated" debates here,  you could count on her  to write a poignant  post that brought levity and class to the discussion .  In more times than not she volunteered personal experiences  for support points of which she didn't have too.   For that I always had the utmost respect for her .   This is why  in this World you live and enjoy for each  day not  worry  for the long term.   Their might not be a tomorrow.  God Bless.  :pray:  :pray: 

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Guest Farmers daughter

I did not know her, but have been thinking about her since reading the post. For those that knew and loved her, I am deeply sorry. Praying sweet memories will comfort all of you in the days ahead.

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