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6 Myths About Cast Iron Pans Busted

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6 myths about cast iron pans busted


TODAY FOOD, JUNE 15, 2016 ------ Cast iron pans are inexpensive and one of the best searing powerhouses you can own. Whip it out for your indoor meat-cooking needs, like a steak or roasted chicken with vegetables. It's also perfect for anything that would benefit from a crust, like cornbread, potato hashes, or a pan pizza. But there are a lot of myths out there about how to properly care for your cast-iron pan. We turned to J. Kenji L

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ok number 3 says "before placing on high heat on the stovetop so the water evaporates"


I would not do ths. It can warp your cast iron skillet. I am not saying it will but it can especially if you leave it on high heat after the waer evaporates. Just wipe it out with a paper towel


I have cooked on high heat but i always warmed it up and had food in it before cranking to high heat.


I have warped a skillet doing the drying method they said.

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We pretty much only use cast iron.  ....have a whole kitchen wall covered in pots, skillets, and pans.

There is no need to use high heat to dry the pan.   Just set the burner on low and it will steam off any moisture in short order.  

And for those who have never used cast iron - pig lard is the preferred applicant for seasoning cast iron.   It leaves a much better carbon coating than oils do, and can properly season a pan in a single application(oil can take countless applications).

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