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Advanced Disposal Landfill Collapse


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1 hour ago, NikonSniper said:

LFG this area of Pa is so corrupt it's pathetic. In my half a century + living in this area I have seen so many things swept under the rug that it would make you puke. The old saying that money, influence, and your name buys you blindness, silence, and deafness is the golden rule around here.......

Post of the day for me. Unfortunately Nikon is right. I've seen the same things that he has.

I am with LFG that I truly hope OSHA won't be bought and that this whole tragedy and the reasons are exposed. It always comes down to following the money trail. Not just nationally, statewide, county wide, but locally too.

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Just in the last week I've heard a lot of people talking about this, people that wouldn't normally know. Local inspectors, haulers, and operators. People are asking if regulations will change because of it. A lot of us hope they do. I think the whole industry is waiting for the results of the investigations

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On 6/29/2017 at 5:35 PM, landfillguy said:

Thanks mr.d.

No doubt it's about to get ugly. Did anyone else catch the part that said OSHA had 6 months from the time of the accident to conclude their investigation? That means under 2 months left...

So it should be under one month now until they conclude the investigation.

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I had my motives questioned a lot on the original thread, so I'm not going to do the picture by picture breakdown again, but the second and fourth pictures show all that anyone familiar with a landfill needs to see. Look at picture number 2, really look at it and visualize it in your mind. Now look at picture 4 and imagine that's the same cell a year later.


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Just now, Petee said:

Do items such as cut stone, bricks, logs, etc. help or hinder a landfill?

Help, but those are typically relegated to C&D (construction debris) landfills. Those landfills are unlined, so the dump fee is much cheaper.

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Those two "composite liner system" bubbles are what is under almost every MSW landfill. They take months to construct, and cost millions of dollars per cell. You are talking 10-15 acres, typically, of processed clay, composite liners, geosynthetic liners, protective cover, leachate lines, etc...

All of that is to protect groundwater from the leachate produced by the waste we accept. Uncontaminated construction debris doesn't produce leachate, so it is allowed to be dumped into unlined cells. Those cells are much, much cheaper to construct, so the dump rates are much lower. Even if we were to drop our rates to get more of that material, which we have done, large MSW landfills are spaced far apart. No one wants them in their back yard, so typically you only get an MSW landfill where you can show a need. C&D landfills are everywhere, so even if our rates are lower, most customers would have to drive further to get to us, and the hauling fees would outweigh the savings

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2 hours ago, Pompeii said:

Here are some older photos I got a hold of.....







Look where the trucks and the equipment are in picture 1. Look at what you see all to the left of the leading edge of that working face. Now look at picture 2 and see what was on the lift the trucks were sitting on, and what was under that. It's not rocket science

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21 hours ago, steelnut said:

I know that there was a previous topic on this, but I just can't find it.

Anyway, I saw this on WJAC tonight, not much info at all. But the PA DEP investigation continues.


I hope that everything is exposed.

You know that Steve brought over the "search" function from the old site, right? :duh:

Or, you could just always search the threads that Steelnut started :dance:


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