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Meet my granddaughter Faith Marie

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Faith did not have the eye surgery today.The chemo can mess with her eyes & make her go cross eyed, so that has been put on hold for now. Faith came out of surgery about 2 hours ago. Everything went good, no problems at all. They got the port put in, & tomorrow morning Faith Marie will receive her 1st chemo treatment. She already drank a bottle of formula, the dr’s were very happy with that!!

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As told by her mother Brandi... So many of you have been wondering how Faith is doing. Thank you all for your thoughts prayers and support through this journey. Faith had a rough start since bein

Today Faith Marie is 3 months old. She is 8# & wearing 0-3 mo clothing.

Yesterday was Faith Marie’s 8th month birthday. She is 13# & 24 1/2” long. She loves most baby foods, loves to “talk”, & knows who is talking to her. She has been learning so much stuff this p

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Dr. Meade feels that Faith will only need 18 weeks of chemo!
She also said that it is extremely rare that the chemo will shrink the tumor to the point that surgery will not be needed........
But we know Faith, and we know how she defies the odds and Proves there is Power in Prayer! Our Faith can move mountains! So prayer warriors, pray! Pray that God uses his power through her chemo to smite this tumor!


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From Brandi:

She’s doing okay so far. Needed oxygen through the night because her oxygen levels kept dipping into the 80s. 
We think her oxygen was dipping due to, obviously pain but also because she didn’t eat much yesterday so low sugar too. 
She’s doing better this morning with oxygen staying in the 90s.
She is getting Tylenol every 6 hrs and we are feeding her a little bit at a time because her tummy is a little upset, understandably so. 
She had the CT scan of her lungs last night and we will get results today but that’s looking promising.

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Ok folks here is another update,

No cancer in the lungs!!!!
She was having some issues keeping her oxygen up but nothing serious,  just  the anesthia still hanging out in her system.
She's eating well.
She's going to be receiving chemo today.
And we should be heading home tonight.
Her discharge was up in the air there for a while but now they've decided her going home should be okay

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Help support the Spicher Family. Signs are $20.00 each. All proceeds go to the Family to help cost of going to Pittsburgh. Faith Marie was born with Trisomy 18, Edward’s Syndrome. At 19 months she was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor or Kidney cancer. She has to go every week to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to have chemo. Thank you & God Bless!!
Please call Deb Kalgren Kramer @ 771-8459



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Just now, Polo said:

Hope many give to this!  Even if you don't purchase a sign, you can call the number and get the info so you can mail a check to help this sweet little angel!  She is one of our own on here.  I feel like I know her just from seeing her photos and news from her grandma.

You can get ahold of me also if you want to make a donation to the family. I’m Faith Marie’s grandmother!! ❤️

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Faith received two different kinds of chemo yesterday. This happens every third treatment. When she has these two chemos together it really knocks the snuff out of her (VinCristine and Dactinomycin). She slept last night and most of today only to wake up enough to eat a bottle or some puréed pears ( her fav food when she’s not feeling well) then back to sleep again. 
She’s finally perking up now and wanted to sing to you all! ❤️🥰😞 (Sorry I can’t post her video)

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Our Faith needs our prayers & positive thoughts because, she’s your Faith also!!
Faith Marie took an ambulance ride last night to DuBois Penn Highlands ER. She received 2 kinds of chemo last Friday, Oct 2, 2020 at CHP. She slept most of the day Saturday, but ate some pears & drank a bottle. That’s all they could get her to take. Monday night she started throwing up fluids that were brown in color at 7:15. DuBois gave her fluids & took some labs, while waiting for a transport to CHP.
Even with fluids, Faith was still throwing up, but now it was a green/yellow bile, a move in the right direction! The 2 chemos made her so sick that it dried her digestive system out. Since her stomach had so little digestive juices in it, that’s why she wasn’t able to tolerate fluids or food. So she ended up getting dehydrated.
They finally got transported to CHP this morning around 9. 
Children’s is keeping her for a couple of days. They are pumping her with fluids & antibiotics. They also want to get food into her before releasing her. 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

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