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Meet my granddaughter Faith Marie

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Faith Marie update for 10/7/2020

So here’s the update on faith did have some fevers monday night and last night. when we  were at Dubois Hospital she was about 100 Fahrenheit and then went back down and then when she got here she had a fever last night around 5 o’clock of 102 Fahrenheit they are giving her fluid and they are giving her anti-biotics. They feel that with the chemo treatment that she was on affected her immuno system and she did pick up a virus somehow that causes her to not want to eat which caused the dehydration.

Her heart rate had also spiked with the fevers. When she had the temp of 102, her heart rate was in the 160s
The fever had finally went down and her rate returned to normal in the night.
She’s still not sweating, She’s still not eating.

She is getting two different antibiotics to help her fight whatever it is she got
She is still receiving iv fluids. She did perk up there a little bit last night before bed but this morning she’s very tired

Overall she did well through the night and we seem to be getting on the right track to getting her better it’s just taking more time than before.
This virus has not affected her lungs in anyway, mostly just digestion.

The nurse did tell us that this is typical of a child on chemo
And it’s probably going to happen again......yay

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As told by her mother Brandi... So many of you have been wondering how Faith is doing. Thank you all for your thoughts prayers and support through this journey. Faith had a rough start since bein

Today Faith Marie is 3 months old. She is 8# & wearing 0-3 mo clothing.

Yesterday was Faith Marie’s 8th month birthday. She is 13# & 24 1/2” long. She loves most baby foods, loves to “talk”, & knows who is talking to her. She has been learning so much stuff this p

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See Faith's picture in Tri-County Weekend 4th Annual Cutest Baby Photo Contest.  You can vote as many times as you want. Each vote is .25 cents. Faith is number 4 on list.  This was in Tri-County Weekend - Saturday edition - October 3, 2020.  See ballot in the newspaper. Ballots in paper from Oct.3 - Oct.24.  All together there are 24 baby pictures, My votes are in the mail.

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We finally got some answers as to why Faith is so sick....she has a bad urinary tract infection. Any of you who have had a uti know how sick it can make you. 
Normally baby girls do get urinary tract infections simply because they poo in their diaper and some of the poo does get into the vagina. And the poo can get into there quickly and cause issues quickly. Normally though they can fight them off without a problem. But since Faith is on chemo she wasn’t able to fight it off and the infection was able to spread quickly. 
They are changing her antibiotics to better wage war on the UTI (urinary tract infection) .
She will be here for several days,
She needs to be back to her self in order to come home.
She needs to be able to eat and drink and keep it down.
She needs to be clear of the infection and fever free.

Not a viral infection 
It is a bacterial infection

The dactinomycin is the chemo drug she gets every third week and that’s what weakened her immune system

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5 hours ago, Petee said:

Hollywood awaits!


The granddogger sure was....she sure missed her family!! Midgy was so happy when I took her home, she started to whine as soon as it was time to turn onto Hemlock Ave in Force. When I turned onto Spruce St, half her body was doing a happy dance. Then she saw her mommy & daddy & ran straight to daddy, 😆

When I left, I asked Midgy if she wanted to come home with Grandma. She just stared at me & started shaking!! We all had to tell her I was kidding & she was staying home with mommy, daddy, & Faith!!

Dogs are to smart for their own good sometimes!!

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Well folks we did well through our first night home.
She had an average of 98% oxygen level.
No problems 
Ate good before bed, .....no bottles though....so we are putting water in her food for now till we figure out how to get her drinking. 
She woke up happy and smiling and kicking her legs in bed. 
Today the home nurse is coming to watch us give her first dose of medicine at home. She is in an antibiotic that’s given through her port. She’ll be on this until the 19th. 
This Friday she is to still do her MRI to check on the size of the tumor and receive her one chemo. It’s the easy chemo not the double dose. 
We will be discussing a plan of action with Dr. Meade to possibly help prevent this from happening again. She may need iv fluids for a couple days after receiving her chemo treatments.
If Dr. Meade doesn’t think that she needs to get fluids after her chemo treatments then We are also considering staying down there in a hotel for a couple days after she gets the double chemo treatments so we can take her over to the ED for fluids if she gets lethargic and doesn’t want to eat or drink. 
We are hoping this doesn’t happen again but we are also trying to prepare a plan if it does as well as preparing a plan to help prevent this from happening again.

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The drs gave her 1/2 a bag of fluids before her chemo treatment. She still didn’t want to eat much the next morning. Of course she wouldn’t drink her bottle at all.
They called the dr & she said if no luck by 8pm, they must bring her over. Try force feeding if needed by syringe.
Well, Brandi started with formula. Faith didn’t like it, but she took everything they put in the back of her throat. If it touches her tongue, she gags & spits it out. Part of that has to do with chemo and she has sensory issues with food & liquids. They got enough in her between yesterday that the dr said she didn’t need to come over to CHP last night!! 🤩🥳😍🥰🤗

They are coming home today!! Thank you for all your Prayers for Baby Faith!!


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