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Meet my granddaughter Faith Marie

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As told by her mother Brandi... So many of you have been wondering how Faith is doing. Thank you all for your thoughts prayers and support through this journey. Faith had a rough start since bein

Today Faith Marie is 3 months old. She is 8# & wearing 0-3 mo clothing.

Peanut gained another 2oz this week. She is up to 4# 7oz now. She also pulled her feeding tube out this morning, but she has been taking a bottle that is equal to what she was given through the feedin

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4 hours ago, Bon said:

Faith Marie had to see a dentist in Pittsburgh last Friday about her teeth. It was just to make sure they were growing in right & no problems from the chemo.

Spacing is good, teeth are coming in fine, very clean, no problems!! :thankyou2:

So her eyes are coming along, her toofers are coming in, her cute purple glasses are a hit her smile is still there and it looks like you're teaching the little angel how to use the computer!  Sounds like a hit to me!!!!

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9 hours ago, Petee said:

What do they do for the kidney stones?   They are terribly painful!

In Faiths case, nothing. The stones are just chillin in her kidneys and not causing any blockage or issues. Faith is feeling fine and not showing any symptoms of discomfort. So we just make sure she is well hydrated and monitor her for now. If she starts showing symptoms I.e. fever, nausea, puking, crying, pain….back to CHP we go.

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