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Faith Marie

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UPDATE: Overall Faith is doing better, but due to her not eating as well as she should be and also the need for oxygen support while she is sleeping we are staying the night in Pitt again. Which we think is good and wanted anyway, we weren’t entirely comfortable with the idea of taking her home today. So another night of observation and hopefully tomorrow we will have a happier and healthier Peanut ❤️🙏 They did stop the antibiotics and IV fluids just to see how she would do overall. And as always she is Defying the Odds and Proving that there is Power in Prayer. She is doing well with the illness overall considering her diagnosis 😁

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The blue tube in the first pic is blowing oxygen towards Faith’s nose & mouth because her oxygen levels are in the very low 80% when she is in a deep sleep. She is watching the fishies on her crib. She even smiled at them!! Brandi said she just loves that thing!! 🤗

The scratch on her face is from the IV Penn Highlands put in her hand. 🥺 CHP put a coverup on it so she doesn’t do it again!! 😘 I was told she has my veins, poor kid. 🥺😢





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Peanut is a much happier peanut! Woke up smiling, kicking and waving her hands around, smiling at us and enjoying snuggles and kisses! ATE 4oz this morning no problems! ...she tried to eat again last night around 9 but threw it up....

Sounds like we are coming home this afternoon  or early evening


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Faith had a much much better night, oxygen level was an avg of 96%! Yay, didn’t go lower than 94% and was as high as 98%! We are on our way!  Still sounds junky but definitely clearer and she is coughing more to get the mucus cleared. She is taking the bottle so far this morning without gagging and woke up with smiles for me 😁
Told by Faith Marie’s mommy on Dec 30.

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UPDATE this morning, told by Brandi:

Faith had another good night, oxygen stayed in the mid 90s 😊. She did eat well off her bottle in the morning but then refused in the afternoon but did eat a whole container of pears. We tried again in the evening but would only take an ounce and a half but then at 930 she finally took 3 more ounces 🙏🙏🙏🙏. She sounded like she was clearing up last night but then woke up with congestion this morning again. She did have a full bottle though this morning! A good start to the day! I guess I need to learn patience, I just want her to feel better quickly, but hey we entered the New Year with her and she is here, not in the hospital, so I’m going to count my blessings 🙏. She is doing well overall, this could have turned out much worse, so even being sick she is still Defying the Odds and Proving that there is Power in Prayer!

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