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Pa school closings


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2 hours ago, jaman said:

Do you think the kids will really stay in quarantine?  I will see them in the streets.

Closing schools doesn't equal quarantine. The only people who are quarantined are those who have tested positive for the coronavirus or who have been exposed to the virus.  The school closings are in the same realm as cancelling events where large numbers of people are in close proximity where it can easily be spread. 

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49 minutes ago, pwacm said:

Will Wolf refund 5.555% back to the school tax payers since there will be 10 less school days?  

Well I am guessing that the school year will be extended two weeks to make up for this time off sort of like snow days.

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1 hour ago, NikonSniper said:

This is an excellent opportunity for the schools to go in and do a super cleaning/disinfecting of all their buildings. Will it happen though??

jeff tech said that is what they plan to do, kids had to EMPTY their lockers....saying and doing ??

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Pennsylvania governor orders all schools closed for 10 days due to coronavirus concerns

Updated: 9:17 AM EDT Mar 14, 2020

All K-12 schools in Pennsylvania are being closed due to concerns about the potential spread of coronavirus, Gov. Tom Wolf's office said Friday. Schools will remain closed for 10 business days, starting Monday. At the end of the 10 days, state officials will reevaluate and decide whether continued closure is needed.


CLICK HERE to read the full text of Wolf's announcement on school closures.

Individually, some school districts have announced plans for longer closures. Check your local school district's website to see if they intend to remain closed past 10 days.
Wolf's order -- affecting more than 1.7 million children, in public and private schools -- came as confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state leaped from 22 to 33, including the first patient under age 18.
He said schools won't be penalized if they are unable to reach the 180 days of instruction required under state law.

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The purpose of closures is to slow down/limit the spread (AKA "FLATTEN THE CURVE") in an effort to ease the load on our stressed health care system, attempt to reduce the number of cases and ultimately prevent deaths, especially of our most vulnerable.



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