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The True Great Awakening!

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Yesterday,  I put my guns upstairs, so Biden can never get to them!     

How To Hack Votes LOW TECH STYLE by using Eyeballs! Listen to this folks!  

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This series is produced by a guy named Ewaranon. 

Do you want the red pill or the blue pill?  The choice is yours.
If you want to know the truth about our flat world, watch these videos in order and there will be no turning back.

The Lost History of Flat Earth part FULL (1-7)


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Remember this one? This is from a different angle from what we saw on TV & Video. Look how uncomfortable Dr Birx is, she looks like she is ready to throw-up.

Trump is giving her the Truth and she doesn't know how to react. That disinfectant Trump is talking about is called "Chlorine Dioxide" which is another proven treatment for Covid. "Chlorine Dioxide" is also is a treatment for Cancer, Autism and much more. The MSM hides the TRUTH from the public.  >>> The truth is out there, you just have to look. >>>  If you are relying on MSM & SM for the truth, you are in BIG Trouble. >  Note: Birx & Fauci know all of these treatments, they can't admit it because they are collecting Millions of dollars to hide these cures & treatments from us.

... also, If you remember, the ultraviolet light was proven to kill Covid and the news was taken down from social Media & MSM because they said said it was all a lie. IT'S NOT!!!








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