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Employers are begging for employees

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We aren't just talking server positions.  Rosebud mining is hiring, trucking companies, post offices, machine shops, construction companies. . .  if someone isn't happy with a service job, there are other opportunities out there. 

I've gotta say I don't see all this bad treatment of service employees that I keep hearing about. I have had 5 restaurant meals(none fast food) in the last 5 days and have not seen anyone yell at, complain to or treat the server poorly.   I did see one couple politely and quietly leave a restaurant before ordering when they realized it was going to be a while due to short staffing.  The waitress was aware and not at all offended. 


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If they cant pay a living wage, they shouldn't be in business.  

Minimum wage is for minimum skills.  Want more pay.....learn more skills.      

Minimum wage IS for minimum skills! 1st I'll say I absolutely agree that servers/bartenders wages should be increased to the same minimum wage as everyone else, plus their tips - they work their a*ses

On 5/3/2021 at 3:03 PM, jaman said:

Didnt last week Biden say there are enough jobs where you dont need an Associates or Bachelor's degree?  If that's the case people should be responsible for their own financing of college. Not government. But that requires work. Today people dont want to work.  If Iwas interviewing people after September when unemployment runs out for a job, Id ask them why they were out of work for 12-15 months.

He's a politician, not a business man.  Something else he knows nothing about.

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On 5/4/2021 at 10:40 AM, flowerpower said:

How about those who work and get abuse and backlash from customers who complain about everything??? It's not the server's fault that the cook called in sick and there's no back up. Dissatisfaction = no tip. Server's bust their butts to make money and keep people happy and it's difficult when you're stretched like a rubber band and doing the job of 3 other people. For what?? For people to complain and expect some kind of compensation for having to wait for their order. It's borderline abuse and it's no wonder people aren't going back to work.

There's nothing worse than watching another customer try to get their food for free. They think if they get the manager involved then they'd get the food for free because of the stupid saying "the customer is always right" when in fact, many times they are not. 

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