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6 minutes ago, WMJ77 said:

Who's going to want to be a parent if they don't get to say, "I told you so" and all the rest of it that our parents got to say? They left out the really good one, " I hope your kids put you through what you put me through" or the ever popular "I can't wait until you have kids." Do we have to stop telling the kids how we walked 2 miles to school through waist deep snow uphill both ways AND we had to come home for lunch? Oh, and you had better believe that it is "my house, my rules" I don't care what the idiots say. 

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"Threatening to throw your child out of the house is a terrible idea on many levels," says Poncher. "Doing so will either frighten your child and disturb them emotionally, or your child will say 'Good!' and welcome the opportunity to leave. Parents are essentially abdicating their responsibility when they say things like that. And in my experience, this statement is often an empty threat that parents are rarely willing to follow through on—so why say something like that to begin with?"


ahh, but what if its not a empty threat,  what do the statistics say.....not sayiny when young kids say it, 17, 18 yr olds that disrespect you and think they are the boss.....time to be grown-up kids:popcorn:

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Maybe it will just acquaint them with how the real world works. As in how your employer will fire you if you don't follow the rules or universities will flunk you out if you don't get the grades. A little fear and emotional disturbance not to say the physical disturbance of living on the street might induce the concept of personal responsibility for oneself and actions. Actions have consequences and knowing that is a sign of adulthood. 

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