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Pennwest Employees Save Truck Driver's Life

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Pennwest Employees Save Truck Driver’s Life

exploreVenango | May 18, 2021

IMG_2095-1-1.pngEMLENTON, Pa. (EYT) – Two employees displayed extraordinary vigilance when noticing something was off with their company’s delivery driver.

(Pictured left to right: Pennwest employee Chris Bradybaugh, company truck driver Art Lewis, and Pennwest employee Bill Gombos.)

When truck driver Art Lewis was making his monthly delivery to Pennwest plant, Chris Bradybaugh noticed that something looked different about him, and he immediately got his co-worker Bill Gombos to come to check him out. The bottom number on Art’s blood pressure was 52.

Expressing his concern, Bill said, “I can’t make you go to the hospital, but I can’t let you go in the condition you’re in either.”

Art agreed to go to the hospital by ambulance, and once he was evaluated at the local hospital, he was life-flighted to Pittsburgh. He was diagnosed with an Aortic Aneurysm and had to go under emergency open-heart surgery. Although he was told that he only had a 20 percent chance of coming out of the surgery alive, he is now recovering well.

Pittsburgh doctors told him that he had less than 24 hours to live when he was at Pennwest plant.

Recently, Art called Todd Griffith, General Manager of Pennwest Homes, to say “Thank You” and express his gratitude for their two employees. Todd told him that if he was ever in our area to stop by and tell them in person. Art had a follow-up appointment in Pittsburgh with his physician and stopped in to thank them in person.

Art Lewis and his wife visited the Pennwest facility last week and met with the two men that saved him.

According to Griffith, this is a classic case of being at the right place at the right time. Had Chris not have been observant and acted when he did, the outcome would have been different. Had Bill not had the knowledge to get him additional help, Art Lewis would unfortunately no longer be with us.

Griffith told exploreClarion.com, “We have a lot of great men and women who work here, so this did not take me by surprise. Not only are Chris and Bill great employees, but they are outstanding and compassionate men of character.

“These men are a great example that we need to watch out for one another and show each other compassion.”

Todd Griffith sent out the following memo to the Pennwest employees, the union’s directing business representative, and his boss at Commodore.

Screenshot 2021-05-18 062813


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