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York County 2nd Grader Designed Art Work For New Police Car

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New police car breaks the mold with art design by York County 2nd grader

by Michael Gorsegner

Springetts Police car.jpg
Springetts Police car.jpg

Springettsbury Township, York County — Bright and cheerful is not the normal description of a police car. But one York County Department is changing its look.

“The police car drives all around town and so people can see it,” said Tuleya McGovern, second grader at Yorkshire Elementary School.

With design help from a York Suburban second grader, Springettsbury Township Police Department unveiled its newest ride. Students at Yorkshire ES got a sneak peak of the department’s addition. McGovern hopes to bring some happiness to the streets.


“The timing couldn’t be better. The world does need some love and some grace and some understanding and what better message to have on the side of a police car to portray that,” said Lt. Brian Wilbur with Springettsbury Township Police.

The design choice was chosen amongst five finalists.

Springettsbury Township Police hope to make this an annual contest, rotating between its two school districts of York Suburban and Central York while helping to rotate its fleet of vehicles.                                                                                                                                                                           SEE VIDEO, TWEET     ;   https://wjactv.com/news/local/spreading-happiness-new-police-car-breaks-the-mold

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