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81-Year-Old Ohio Woman Comes Out Of Retirement To Help Favorite Restaurant

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81-year-old Ohio woman ditches retirement to help favorite restaurant stay afloat

Restaurants struggle with staffing crunch as states reopen

81-year-old comes out of retirement to help Ohio restaurant with shortage of staff

Bonnie August and Culver's owner Danielle Doxsey join ‘Fox and Friends.’

An 81-year-old Ohio woman is giving back to the community by coming out of her retirement to help her favorite restaurant stay afloat amid a shortage of staff. 

"[The restaurant] had the sign out front "Open Interviews," and I thought, well, they're desperate," Bonnie August told "Fox & Friends" Friday. "They just got to keep open because that's their livelihood, and I just walked up to the door and came in and applied."

The fast-food restaurant company Culver’s in Findlay, Ohio is currently only a drive-thru service. The 81-year-old is working 6 days a week, 4-hour shifts to help the establishment eventually open its doors for dine-in.  

"Right now, we're drive-thru only because we want to ensure that we're not overwhelming our staff. We're going into our busiest season," Culver’s of Findlay, Ohio owner Danielle Doxsy said. "We are working hard at that and making sure that we can get it open as soon as possible."

Doxsy went on to say August graciously came into the restaurant and said "I’m here to help, I’ll do whatever I need to do to help you get the dining room open." 

"We never really had a slow season," Doxsy added. "I attribute that to the awesome community that we're a part of...we're just looking to hire more now that we're already ramping up, going into our busiest season in the summertime

August mentioned she truly enjoys working at Culver’s and likes greeting the customers. 

"I like people and I get to meet a lot of people because I'm carrying food out to the cars," August told co-host Brian Kilmeade. "I get to say hi to them and just socialize a little bit."                                                                                                                    SEE VIDEO       ;    https://www.foxnews.com/us/ohio-woman-ditches-retirement-help-restaurant

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