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Make Your Immune System Bullet Proof

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Fixing your immune system is a developing process.  It's complicated by the excess sugar that is packed into our market and eating out foods, so find a good Sugar Substitute that has some nutritive value and use it judiciously.  I use Monk Sweet but you have to order it from Amazon, and it's expensive.

That said, I desperately crave excellent ice cream!  If you see me out with a spoon full in my mouth don't yell, just pray for me please?  I have Vocal Cord Cancer and am going for my fourth surgery at Johns Hopkins in June.  I probably won't die from it, but my voice will never recover completely.  So far I have been unable to even speak for almost a month after each surgery, and then my voice is a croak.  The doctor said I may even lose that ability.

Now, when I put sugar in my mouth (which feeds cancer) am I really in control?  It's like being a Alcoholic.  I did skip Ice Cream when I had a Cheeseburger out last night.  No French Fries, only water.  I'm getting used to the whole deal, but man, how I desperately need to get my immune system totally back in order.

I need to create my own ice cream recipe!  How do you make Salted Caramel sauce?

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