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Penn State DuBois announces Spring 2021 Dean’s List

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Penn State DuBois announces Spring 2021 Dean’s List


DuBOIS, Pa – Penn State DuBois has announced the campus Dean’s List for the Spring 2021 semester. In recognition of academic excellence, students who maintain a Grade Point Average of 3.50 or higher are named to the Dean's List each semester. Penn State DuBois Dean’s List students for fall 2020 are:


·         Haeden Allbeck, Millville, PA

·         Maria Allegretto, Force, PA

·         Kris Anderson, Saint Marys, PA

·         Michaela Armanini, DuBois, PA

·         Adriana Azzato, Brockway, PA

·         Gilbert Baez, Clearfield, PA

·         Nathan Banner, Venus, PA

·         Dylan Barber, Brookville, PA

·         Madison Barefield, Brockway, PA

·         Megan Baumcratz, Lucinda, PA

·         Nathan Bennett, Falls Creek, PA

·         Heather Bittle, DuBois, PA

·         Braiden Blair, Warren, PA

·         Bailey Bloom, Woodland, PA

·         Lucas Bowser, Rimersburg, PA

·         Christopher Brennen, Saint Marys, PA

·         Cole Breon, Millheim, PA

·         Cole Bressler, Curwensville, PA

·         Andrew Britton, Punxsutawney, PA

·         Paul Brosky, Brockway, PA

·         Nicolette Brossard, Frenchville, PA

·         Michael Brubaker, DuBois, PA

·         Legend Bruner, Curwensville, PA

·         Anthony Burke, Emporium, PA

·         Jesse Burkett, Brookville, PA

·         Cassandra Carnesali, DuBois, PA

·         Devin Carns, Clearfield, PA

·         Emma Cavalline, Brockway, PA

·         Skylar Ceprish, Allport, PA

·         Henry Chapman, DuBois, PA

·         Taylor Charles, DuBois, PA

·         Scot Coble, Marion Center, PA

·         Tanner Connor, Luthersburg, PA

·         Brock Cramer, Brockway, PA

·         Raymond Cunningham, Reynoldsville, PA

·         Jessica Davis, Osceola Mills, PA

·         Franco Desantis, DuBois, PA

·         Joseph Dipietro, Punxsutawney, PA

·         Alyssa Dobson, Kersey, PA

·         Elise DuFour, Clearfield, PA

·         Darien Ehrensberger, Saint Marys, PA

·         Karen Emmerich, DuBois, PA

·         Laurie Enders, Ford City, PA

·         Austin Fairman, DuBois, PA

·         Garrett Fairman, Punxsutawney, PA

·         Dylan Fenton, Clearfield, PA

·         Dylan Fezell, DuBois, PA

·         Jacob Getch, Reynoldsville, PA

·         Alexander Gianvito, Punxsutawney, PA

·         Conner Giavedoni, Punxsutawney, PA

·         Alexander Graeca, DuBois, PA

·         Nick Graeca, DuBois, PA

·         Catherine Gregory, Luthersburg, PA

·         Andrew Griffiths, Pine Grove, PA

·         Brook Grove, Valier, PA

·         Heather Grove, Valier, PA

·         Jachob Haines, Punxsutawney, PA

·         Amber Hainsey, Hawk Run, PA

·         Nathan Halowell, Falls Creek, PA

·         Erica Hanes, Clearfield, PA

·         Trevor Hanna, Lock Haven, PA

·         Nicholas Hansel, Ramey, PA

·         Brooke Harvey, Stillwater, PA

·         Clayton Heckman, Brockway, PA

·         Corbin Heitzenrater, Punxsutawney, PA

·         Brian Himes, Brookville, PA

·         Tara Hinderliter, Seminole, PA

·         Aaron Holsopple, Ridgway, PA

·         Hannah Hoover, Curwensville, PA

·         Emalee Horner, DuBois, PA

·         Cayleigh Huffman, Cabot, AR

·         Santino Inzana, Brockway, PA

·         Wendy Inzana, Brockway, PA

·         Jeremy Irwin, Curwensville, PA

·         Dylan Ishman, Punxsutawney, PA

·         Larissa James-LaBranche, Warrenton, VA

·         Katie Jimenez, Cary, NC

·         Elizabeth Johnson, Ridgway, PA

·         Sydney Kaschalk, DuBois, PA

·         Jenna Kavelak, Grampian, PA

·         Alena Keen, DuBois, PA

·         Nathaniel Keth, Brookville, PA

·         Grant Kiehl, Brookville, PA

·         Skylar King, Genesee, PA

·         Abhishek Kittusamy, Lutz, FL

·         Jeremy Krise, DuBois, PA

·         Amanda Kucic, New Bethlehem, PA

·         Kaelynn Kuhar, Saint Marys, PA

·         Ethan Lainey, Punxsutawney, PA

·         Kelsey Leadbetter, Brookville, PA

·         Cory Lehman, Tyrone, PA

·         Alex Long, Reynoldsville, PA

·         Isaiah Lutz, Winburne, PA

·         Nadiyah Madyun, Chevy Chase, MD

·         Dominic Maines, Clearfield, PA

·         Nicholas Mancuso, Punxsutawney, PA

·         Richard Massimino, Clearfield, PA

·         Aaron McCracken, Glen Richey, PA

·         Matthew McCullough, Penfield, PA

·         Evan McDowell, DuBois, PA

·         Haley Mcaninch,DuBois, PA

·         Heath Means, Rockton, PA

·         Bryce Mensah, New York, NY

·         Austin Miller, Rockton, PA

·         Brice Miller, Shelocta, PA

·         Samantha Miron, DuBois, PA

·         Thayne Morgan, Bigler, PA

·         Zane Morgan, Bigler, PA

·         Nathan Murarik, Karthaus, PA

·         Tanisha Myers, Snow Shoe, PA

·         Noell Nichols, DuBois, PA

·         Cahil Parrish, Saint Marys, PA

·         Khushi Patel, DuBois, PA

·         Noah Pierce,DuBois, PA

·         Shane Ponzi, DuBois, PA

·         Paige Price, Marienville, PA

·         Anna Raffeinner, Kersey, PA

·         Mallory Reitz, Brookville, PA

·         Riley Rougeux,Clearfield, PA

·         Alicia Royer, DuBois, PA

·         Miranda Ruffner, Smethport, PA

·         Karly Rumsky, Clearfield, PA

·         Rachel Russell, Morrisdale, PA

·         Lukas Salvo, Rimersburg, PA

·         Daniel Sanko Jr., Sykesville, PA

·         Deborah Schatz, Saint Marys, PA

·         Margaret Schmader, Brookville, PA

·         Malliah Schreck, Emlenton, PA

·         Mario Scotto, DuBois, PA

·         Tamara Selzler, DuBois, PA

·         Tyler Serafini, Brockport, PA

·         Brianna Shaw, Clearfield, PA

·         Sydney Shaw, Warriors Mark, PA

·         Alexa Shick, Rimersburg, PA

·         Brandon Sicheri, Kersey, PA

·         Joshua Singler, Saxonburg, PA

·         Ethan Smith, Rockton, PA

·         Maddie Sprankle, Johnstown, PA

·         Timothy Stainbrook, DuBois, PA

·         Harrison Starr, Clearfield, PA

·         Daniel Stauffer, Saint Marys, PA

·         Lauren Stetler, Clearfield, PA

·         Shane Stevenson, Warren, PA

·         Tyler Stitt, Reynoldsville, PA

·         Cameron Stom, Penfield, PA

·         Michaela Stottish, Falls Creek, PA

·         Adam Straw, Curwensville, PA

·         Bayley Strouse, Sykesville, PA

·         Lindsey Swisher, Clearfield, PA

·         Nicholas Tate, DuBois, PA

·         Joseph Taylor, Brockport, PA

·         Kaleb Taylor, Frenchville, PA

·         Heather Test, Curwensville, PA

·         Caleb Thompson, Reynoldsville, PA

·         Levi Thompson, Reynoldsville, PA

·         Daniel Torok, Fredonia, PA

·         Dylan Treaster, Rebersburg, PA

·         Isaac Tyger, Pittsburgh, PA

·         Zachary Vandervort, Reynoldsville, PA

·         Sarah Voris, Punxsutawney, PA

·         Erika Wagner, DuBois, PA

·         Danielle Warren, Curwensville, PA

·         Blaze Welpott, DuBois, PA

·         Tammy Westover, Westover, PA

·         Emiley Wheeler, Sugar Grove, PA

·         Christopher Wickett, Ridgway, PA

·         Brittney Williams, Atlantic, PA

·         Garrett Wilson, Howell, MI

·         Daniel Wisor, Clearfield, PA

·         Karter Witmer, Wellsboro, PA

·         Lauryn Wortman, Saint Marys, PA

·         Layton Yarus, DuBois, PA

·         Keith Zeliger, DuBois, PA

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