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Clarion PSP Trooper Gives Elderly Woman A Lift To Doctor's Appointment

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Local Trooper Gives Elderly Woman a Lift to Doctor’s Appointment

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 @ 12:06 AM

Posted by Aly Delp

196816549_340129280873367_6572261870570702038_nMONROE TWP., Pa. (EYT) – A local Pennsylvania State Trooper is being lauded for an act of kindness after he stopped to help an elderly woman who was walking along State Route 68 near the Monroe Township border on Monday morning.

(Photo by Megan Maxim, courtesy of What’s Happening in Clarion)

Corporal Hageter told exploreClarion.com he was in his patrol vehicle driving south on Route 68 near the Aldi store in Monroe Township shortly after 8:00 a.m. on Monday when he spotted a woman using a walker to make her way along the shoulder of the roadway.

“I stopped to ask if she was okay because that’s really not a good area to be walking,” Corporal Hageter said.

Shirley Burk then explained to Corporal Hageter that she had taken the local bus to try to get to a doctor’s appointment, and the bus was unable to drop her off at the doctor’s office. Instead, she was dropped off at the Aldi store and had to try to get from there to the doctor’s office on foot.

“I was already stopped and had hit the lights, so I just helped her get there,” Corporal Hageter explained.

Burk’s granddaughter, Michelle, said she usually takes her grandmother to appointments, but was unable to do so on Monday due to issues with her vehicle.

“I thought sending her on the bus would have been a safe option.”

However, she noted that Burk was very happy to accept the ride from Corporal Hageter.

“She said she enjoyed riding in the car, and she’s grateful to him for helping her,” Michelle said.

While Burk enjoyed the experience, she also took it all in stride.

“She said she was not surprised. The local police are always on the lookout to help people.”

Corporal Hageter not only made sure that Burk made it to her appointment, but he also made sure she got home safely, as well.

“Instead of her having to cross the road there, I just took her back home,” he noted.

Although the story got a great deal of attention on a local Facebook page, with many people praising Corporal Hageter’s good deed, he said it’s all just part of the job for him.

“This is just what we do every day. Our guys all do this kind of thing,” he added.

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