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Coal Plants In Maryland, Pa. And Ohio To Shut Down

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Coal plants in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio to shut down

by Associated Press

FILE - Coal plants in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio to shut down (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, File)
FILE - Coal plants in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio to shut down (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, File)
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HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — The owner of three coal-fired power plants in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio says that it will shut them down.

Houston-based GenOn Holdings LLC said Thursday that it will shut down a generating unit at both Avon Lake station on Lake Erie near Cleveland and Cheswick station on the Allegheny River outside Pittsburgh by Sept. 15.

It says it will shut down two generating units at the much larger Morgantown station on Maryland's Cobb Neck peninsula by next June 1.

Coal has fallen out of favor in the climate change era and it's been buffeted by a flood of cheaper natural gas from shale formations.                                              https://wjactv.com/news/local/coal-plants-in-maryland-pennsylvania-and-ohio-to-shut-down

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1 hour ago, jaman said:

But Joe Biden has shutdown the major shale pipelines. Give it time. There wont be a glut of Natural Gas. Then they can get their windmill.

Most of the windmills in PA credit electric production to out of state.  So, that electric goes to mostly Virginia and Florida(at least for the windmills in my work area of southern Cambria and all of Somerset county).

Those pushing solely wind production have no clue on how little wind production makes versus coal/gas/nuclear.  A single windmill at peak production makes between 0.8MW and 1.5MW, depending on the specific design.

Most coal/gas/nuclear sites product 400MW to 2GW.    ...and that still isn't enough.   You basically need 400 windmills to make the same as one of the smallest fuel fed sites.    

The natural gas plant that I designed fiber and copper to in Vinco(a few miles north of Johnstown) makes 1024MW(1GW).  

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A percentage of my job supports the coal industry.  So that makes me a supporter of coal use.  I just don't see how we can rely on any one form of energy for the future.  I believe we need to keep coal in the picture, at least on some scale.  Gas, Solar and wind also play a part, to be sure.  We don't want to be caught with our pants down, relying on one source.  We need to keep other sources handy for when they are needed.  These days, we have more natural disasters and we are having weather patterns we have never had in various parts of the U.S.  Look at what happened in Texas! Keeping the playing field open with more possibilities keeps us safer.  We know for a fact the energy coal makes.  I think if it is removed entirely, we will suffer the consequences.  I also think that closing down the pipeline is a mistake, too!

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