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Community Days Festival Results

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Here are the parade results.


Floats - Non-Profit (Prize - Plaque)

1st Place - DuBois Area Catholic Schools
2nd Place - WPAL Fitness Center & PA Army National Guard
3rd Place - Clearfield County Fair Queen


Floats - Commercial (Prize  - Plaque)

1st Place - Landscape One
2nd Place - Sensus


Baton Corps (Prize - Cash Guarantee)

1st Place - Golden Triangles, Pittsburgh


High School Bands

1st Place - Curwensville High School Band

2nd Place - Purchase Line High School Band

3rd Place - DuBois Area High School Band

4th Place - Homer City High School Band

5th Place - Philipsburg-Osceola Mountie Band

6th Place - Brockway Area High School Band

7th Place - Curwensville Jr High School Band

8th Place - Ridgway Area High School Band

9th Place - Fort Leboeuf High School Band


Fire Departments

Best Pumper Overall (1500 GPM and Over)
1st Place - Oklahoma Fire Co - $150
2nd Place - Curwensville Fire Dpeartment - $100


Best Pumper Overall (1250 GPM and Under)
1st Place - Union Twp Fire Co - $150
2nd Place - Elk Run Fire Company - $100

Best Aerial Apparatus
Sandy Hose Co #1 - $150

Best Tanker
Union Twp Fire Co - $150

Best Brush Truck
Brockway Volunteer Fire Department - $150

Best Rescue/Engine

Sykesville Fire Co - $150

Best Rescue Unit

Adrian Sandy Hose Co - $150


Oldest Motorized Fire Apparatus in Service

Elk Run Fire Dept Brush Truck - $150


Fire Truck Traveling the Longest Distance
Philipsburg Fire Co - $200

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DuBois Dream 3-on-3 Basketball Winners from 2021 Community Days

3rd-5th Grade: Crusaders (Runner-Up: Dub City)

6th-8th Grade Girls: Hot Shots (Runner-Up: Blue Thunder)

6th-8th Grade Boys: Heatwave (Runner-Up: The Basketball Team)

High School Boys: Deuce Tatums (Runner-Up: Trio of Trouble 2)

Open Women’s: Double Dribble (Runner-Up: Splash Bros)

Open Men’s: MJ’s Step Daughters (Runner-Up: I’m Here)

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5 K Run Results from Community Days

Male overall
1.  Landon Schmader
2.  JP Piccirillo
3.  Rob Hampton

Female overall
1.  Amanda Shultz
2.  A. Korney
3.  Samantha Betta

Female 1-13
1.  S. Parekh
2.  J. Robinson
3.  Lucy Williams

Female 20-29
1.  Cassie Folmar
2.  Cassy Menas
3.  Erika Adamson

Female 30-39
1.  Kalyn McGarvey
2.  Andrea Oknefski
3.  Carrie Hynds

Female 40-49
1.  Tonya Bond
2.  Melinda Beers
3.  Mary Horner

Female 50-59
1.  Donna Kunz
2.  Jackie Andrulonis
3.  Tina Baronick

Female 60-99
1.  Lisa Wallock
2.  Joyce Brownlee
3.  Carol Williams

Male 1 -13
1.  E. Baer
2.  Isaiah Korney
3.  Landon Akers

Male 20-29
1.  Jared Braun
2.  David Hahn
3.  Roberto Mauk

Male 30-39
1.  Mike Gressler
2.  David Pirazzi
3.  Phil Krieg

Male 40-49
1. Joe Blessel
2.  Cory Yarus
3.  Joe Benden

Male 50-59
1.  Randall Bond
2.  John Armstrong
3.  Mitch Radella

Male 60-99
1.  Doug Craft
2.  Tim Andrulonis
3.  Greg Burns


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Weightlifting Competition Results


Overall Male Beast : Matt Shuey

Overall Female Beast : Rachel Clarke

Overall Youth Beast : Ryan White


Overall Weight Class Winners(All 3 Events):


17-19yo 149lb Trenton Donahue

17-19yo 165lb Matt Mullhollan 

17-19yo 193lb Ryan White

17-19yo 262lb Nate Kaltenbach

Open 1128lb Zhane Powell

Open 145lb Nick Keedy

Open 194lb Mike Gralla

Open 215lb Andrew Wilson

Open 234lb Thomas Evans

Open SHW Matt Shuey


Bench/Dead Only

Open Male -Mark Dehner 

Open Female - Nicole Dehner

14yo - Brayden Ross

16yo - Brayden Delp


Bench/Squat Only

Open Male 202lb-  Matthew Smilo


Bench Only

Open Female 165lb - Nadia Mangiantini

Men's Open 154lb - TSgt Jose Longoria

Men's Open 217lb - Justin Buchanan


Deadlift Only

Open Male 262lb - Jordan Young  

Open Female 210 - Latasha Cantolina

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