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Clearfield County Domestic Relations Office Issues Warrant List

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Domestic Relations Office Issues Warrant List

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield County Domestic Relations periodically reports the names of people who are wanted on a bench warrant for owing back child support and/or court costs.

The following names are published in an effort to assist in the apprehension of people who owe past-due support payments. This list will continue to be published on a regular basis on GANT.

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Pope in good condition after surgery: Va

Anyone who may have information concerning any of the people listed is asked to call Clearfield County Domestic Relations at 814-765-5339, Extension 344. All calls will remain anonymous.

Name, Address

  • Joshua A. Aughenbaugh, Clearfield
  • Russell H. Bloom Jr., Curwensville
  • Allison C. Bowman, Curwensville
  • Jesse B. Breeden, LaJose
  • Jessica N. Catalano, Osceola Mills
  • Jeremiah R. Coder, DuBois
  • Casey K. Davis, Clearfield
  • Chad A. Dull, Reynoldsville
  • Robert K. Foster Jr., Morrisdale
  • Kelly M. Golding, Brooklyn N.Y.    
  • Richard T. Hammond Jr, DuBois
  • James M. Huber, Madera
  • Travis L. Jackson, Clearfield
  • Jesse L. Keagle, DuBois
  • Devon E. Klingler, Winburne
  • Austin M. Krolick, DuBois
  • Caitlin T. Leibold, Lebanon
  • Zachary D. Loomis, DuBois
  • Silvino Lopez, Clearfield
  • Shelby R. Martin, Morrisdale
  • Christopher R. Mayhew, DuBois
  • Kody McGary, Madera
  • Robert J. Mckinney Jr., Philipsburg
  • Robert S. Merritts Sr., Clearfield
  • Bryon E. Mowrey, DuBois
  • Stephen J. Moskel, Madera
  • Thor A. Myers Sr., Unknown Address
  • Shawn M. Oshenic, Olanta
  • Bradley Parks, Clearfield
  • Isaac L. Peterson, DuBois
  • Michael S. Phillips, Philipsburg
  • James A. Potter, Madera
  • David Pryde Jr., Philipsburg
  • Ian S. Robison, DuBois
  • Remington C. Scott, Ohio
  • James C. Selvage, Beccaria
  • Jason P. Schmoke, Clearfield
  • Daniel W. Skiver, Fallentimber
  • Michael A. Smith, Houtzdale
  • Patrick W. Smith, Houtzdale
  • Cody J. Stephenson, Grampian
  • Jason E. Stiles, DuBois
  • Larry J. Templeton Sr., Morrisdale
  • Hugo O. Travis Jr., Madera
  • Marshall L. Waite, Coalport
  • Jack D. Wallace, woodland
  • Jordan G. Weygandt, DuBois
  •  Michael S. Williams, DuBois
  • Jason W. Witherite, Luthersburg
  • Adam P. Wymer, DuBois
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2 hours ago, Lizard said:

I understand they haven’t paid their support but how is putting them in jail going to fix that. Maybe try making them work instead. 

My experience has been that a person gets a job, support order gets entered, person quits job.  Not everyone does that but I have seen an extremely high percentage that do.

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9 hours ago, Lizard said:

I understand they haven’t paid their support but how is putting them in jail going to fix that. Maybe try making them work instead. 

I agree completely, even if it's cleaning up the roadways or mowing lawns for people who can't do it for themselves.  I'm sure the city has holes that need dug, ditches cleaned and bathrooms scrubbed.  Graffiti can be removed, fallen walls set right, sidewalk sections repaired.  Public service groups could use a hand.

Either they work or get put to work!

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I can't wait till I don't have to deal with clearfield county domestic relations.  They have their crap so screwed up. Almost 18 years dealing with it. Multiple warrants when warrants shouldn't have been put out because they don't know how to attach the right amount for the wage attachments. Some young pup trying to run the DuBois office that doesn't know how to handle any situation.  And then they start this detention hearings after u pay their bogis warrant fees and go to court just to be told to go home because there is no reason to be there. Clearfield county domestics is a joke. Only person in that who scam thats worthy and honest is Betty. Shes the most caring and amazing lady there.  

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