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Section of 219 in DuBois to Close on Sunday

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Section of Route 219 in DuBois to Close on Sunday 



The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is alerting motorists that a section of Route 219 (West DuBois Avenue) in DuBois will be closed on Sunday, July 25. The road will be closed near the intersection with DuBois Street and a local detour will be in place. The closure is necessary to protect motorists and move equipment as demolition of a building located at the intersection takes place.

Closure details are:

• Closure hours are 11:00 A.M. on Sunday, July 25 through 6:00 A.M. Monday, 
July 26. PennDOT will reopen the road sooner if work progress allows.

• The detour will use DuBois Street, Parkway Drive, Route 219/Liberty Boulevard, and Route 219 (West DuBois Avenue). 

• Drivers should anticipate travel delays depending on traffic volumes.

PennDOT reminds drivers to obey official detour signs, remain patient, obey the posted speed limits, and always buckle up

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Two thoughts:

1: I looked at the Sanborn maps. The 1906 edition shows the East Side building, earlier editions don't cover that part of town. So, the building dates to the first decade of the 20th Century, if not earlier.

2: As I came by there yesterday, I noticed most of the brick was gone from the collapsed side. Did it just fall off or had someone poked/prodded it?

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Sanborn #18 of 20 comes pretty close to showing it on the 1901.  It has Lord St and Evergreen(now Osborn Ave).   Unfortunately it cuts off at the railroad track.

That part of present day DuBois might not have been within DuBois limits at the time. ???

I know those Sanborn maps tended to stay within city/borough boundaries because of the higher density of buildings and higher need for fire insurance.

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Another plus for that bar - heating/cooling might be cheaper once it is done.

It looks like it had old saw dust or paper for insulation, and it looks like it had all settled.  Hopefully they were smart enough to put some insulation in.

My prior house had similar insulation - saw dust and bulk mill paper.  It too had settled to no more than half way up the walls.   It was a pre-1900's era house.   In the winter you could feel where the insulation had settled to between each set of studs by the cool/warm touch.

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