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Calla's Cafe To Close In St Mary’s

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Calla's Cafe To Close...Owners Will Continue With Wildwoods Bar & Grill


From a social media post from Calla's Cafe, the owners announced they will close the cafe on August 7th. It was noted that a lack of employees was one of several reasons for the move. The family owned business will continue operating Wildwoods Bar and Grill on Washington Street


Below is post:


With long consideration and a heavy heart, the Calla’s made a decision to close Calla’s Cafe and Fine Food on August 7th. Several factors were present and unavoidable; one being the lack of employees. Unfortunately, our country is seeing many favorite stores, restaurants, clubs, etc. shut their doors or limit their hours due to excess work and not enough help. As many people know, the Calla’s have opened a second restaurant, The Wildwoods Bar & Grill in St. Marys, and it is quite trying to fill working time slots for both places. The ideal plan would be to keep both locations open and have an abundance of employees, customers, and good times. It just cannot be done at this time. The Calla’s want to thank the community and surrounding communities for such amazing patronage. So many positive reviews, constructive criticism, and influential comments have been given over the years, and it’s been a pleasure serving you all. We couldn’t have established not one, but two restaurants without such great backing. Please understand that any Calla’s Cafe gift cards will be accepted at Wildwoods Bar & Grill, which is just a few miles into town (no expiration date ever). Also, the cafe has some “customer-favorite entree options”, which the Wildwoods menu will soon include. We want to please as many palates as possible! The Calla’s hope to see you in the future at The Wildwoods. A decision like this sure does make a company humble; knowing that all will work out in time. Again thank you

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