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9/11 families.Please dont show Joe


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Include links so people can understand the issue rather than just a clickbait title.


Eagleson said the families’ ultimatum was not politically motivated, and that they had also implored Trump administration officials over the last four years to release the same government evidence.

In an interview Friday with The Washington Post, Eagleson said he met with President Donald Trump in the White House in 2019 — along with several other 9/11 families — and that Trump told them the release of the documents was “very, very imminent” and asked them not to publicly criticize him.

“President Trump led us to believe that he was going to declassify the documents. We were talking to the administration all along and they slow-played us and hoodwinked us,” Eagleson said. “[With] the 20-year anniversary, you get all sorts of attention on this subject … The families are literally at their wit’s end. Whether it’s Trump in office, whether it’s Obama in office, or whether it’s Biden in office, we would have sent this letter.

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They should go ahead and give out the info to the families.  Im all for disclosure 20 years later.  the FBI and CIA are covering now. . .  But be ready for the response and  an oil war with Saudi Arabia and friends.  Prices would then sky rocket higher than now.  And a risk to national security.  That is what Washington regardless if  they are Dem OR Rep wants to avoid. We already know  these bad guys  can shut part of the fuel grid  down with big technology. Let alone cutting back oil production. They   forgot to mention Bush 2 who at the end of his term could have released them, too. 7 years later. Plenty of time.  But they wanted to protect the military in those areas from retaliation.. The families now should at least get a briefing from the FBI and/or Cia.. But can you trust them.........

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