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Let's talk about Afghanistan.  Should we still be there?  Is it necessary?  Is it time to pull out and truly let them govern themselves??  It appears that we failed to wipe out the Taliban as they re-emerging stronger than ever as soon as we begin removing troops.  

I have such mixed feelings about the US being the police force for the world.  I have several friends and 1 family member that fought in Afghanistan.  Their reactions on whether it's time to leave or not are also mixed.  

I truly don't know if there is a right/wrong answer to this one.  

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As the Taliban said to the US when all of this started, "You have the watches, we have the time."  Prideful politicians got us into that war.  We relied on terrible information from the UN and inaccurate information/huge mistakes from our CIA.  We should of never of gone in there.  Once we were there, we should of never of left.  There should of remained a US base and a small number of troops.  We abandoned those people and they'll return the favor one day.   

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WE should have went in with the exact full force that Gen Schwartzkopft had in Iraq. The Un and European Allies should have been all in too. The mistake is when you let politicians take over the management.  Gen Schwartzkopft with 600,00 troops was 72 hours from cleaning Iraq up and would have safely stayed  until a government and new army was formed.  he would have kicked butt. And would have kicked the Iranians too. But Bush 1 and Gen Powell got cold feet at the first sight of Iraqi  military blood.  We would not have had to go back a 2nd time and have so many injured and killed military. Tell that to their families. Same thing with Afghanistan. It should have been overwhelming force. 20 years and Bin laden was hiding and protected by some elements of the PAKISTAN military in PAKISTAN.  The current Generals arent very skilled wartime leaders. They are politicians. 

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